The Myths and Realities of Average Penis Size

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Man's midsection wearing jeans holding a tape measure as if to measure his penis

What is the average penis size? How do I measure my penis? Can I make my penis larger naturally? Does shoe size correlate to penile length and girth? These are just a few of the questions that millions of men ask the internet every day.

The question that really needs to be answered is why are men so obsessed with the size of their manhood? The answer is both simple, yet still very complex. Right or wrong, the penis plays a critical role in defining a man’s identity, his sense of masculinity, and his sexual prowess. Let's explore some of greatest myths together, so we can help men and women develop a stronger and healthier sexual relationship.

Penis Size Matters Most to Men

Most studies show that penis size matters more to men than their sexual partners. No kidding. Did we really need a study to figure that one out? Of course, penis length matters more to the man - it's physically attached to him! All day long he sees it, adjusts it, holds it, and touches it. When he gets in the shower, goes to the bathroom, prepares for bed, and masturbates, there it is. For a man, there’s no escaping it.

From the earliest age, men are taught to believe that virulent, strong men have giant penises. It’s what the media, movies, news, and music tell us on a daily basis. But is it true? Do most men have really large penises? Moreover, how much does it matter, and can you increase the size of your penis? Let’s explore all of these questions and more!

What is the Average Penis Size by Country?

What is the average size penis? Do I have a normal penis? Like many of the answers to sexual health related questions, it depends. Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted on penis size. Some studies show very little correlation between race and penis length and width, while other research and evidence demonstrates the average penis size differs by region and country. The standards used to measure the penis affect the numbers. How the study was conducted and the sample size also impacts the results.

In 2014, The British Journal of Urology International (BJIU) compiled data from 17 prior studies and produced one of the most comprehensive, international studies to date on average penis size. The experts and doctors looked at many men - thousands, in fact - and took into account different body shapes and people. The research also addressed the myth that hand size, shoe size, index finger measurements, and other body part dimensions have a correlation to penis size. For the most part, there was no correlation between those factors and penile dimensions. According to the BJIU, the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches (9.17 cm), while the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.1 cm).


Average Erect Penis Size By Country

Rank Country cm. inches
1 Congo (Braz) 17.93 7.06
2 Ecuador 17.11 6.74
3 Congo (DRC) 17.33 6.82
4 Ghana 17.31 6.82
5 Colombia 17.03 6.71
6 Venezuela 17.03 6.71
7 Lebanon 16.82 6.62
8 Cameroon 16.67 6.56
9 Iceland 16.51 6.50
10 Sudan 16.47 6.48
11 Jamaica 16.30 6.42
12 Panama 16.27 6.41
13 Nicaragua 16.26 6.40
14 Benin 16.20 6.38
15 Brazil 16.10 6.34
16 Peru 16.03 6.31
17 Puerto Rico 16.01 6.30
18 Haiti 16.01 6.30
19 Georgia 16.00 6.30
20 Dominican Republic 15.99 6.30
21 Burkina Faso 15.89 6.26
22 Czeck Republic 15.89 6.26
23 Denmark 15.89 6.26
24 Senegal 15.89 6.26
25 Gambia 15.88 6.25
26 Netherlands 15.87 6.25
27 Belgium 15.85 6.24
28 Zambia 15.78 6.21
29 Belize 15.75 6.20
30 Italy 15.74 6.20
31 Angola 15.73 6.19
32 Egypt 15.69 6.18
33 Zimbabwe 15.68 6.17
34 Bosnia 15.67 6.17
35 Hungary 15.61 6.15
36 Paraguay 15.53 6.11
37 Nigeria 15.50 6.10
38 Chad 15.39 6.06
39 Central African Republic 15.33 6.04
40 Cuba 15.29 6.02
41 South Africa 15.29 6.02
42 Pakistan 15.25 6.00
43 Cote d'Ivoire 15.22 5.99
44 Slovakia 15.21 5.99
45 Uruguay 15.14 5.96
46 Slovenia 15.13 5.96
47 Mexico 15.10 5.95
48 Palestine 15.08 5.94
49 Morocco 15.03 5.92
50 Bulgaria 15.02 5.91
51 Tunisia 15.01 5.91
52 Costa Rica 15.01 5.91
53 Honduras 15.00 5.91
54 Argentina 14.88 5.86
55 El Salvador 14.88 5.86
56 Sweden 14.88 5.86
57 Serbia 14.87 5.85
58 Croatia 14.77 5.82
59 Albania 14.73 5.80
60 Greece 14.73 5.80
61 Surinam 14.67 5.78
62 Belarus 14.63 5.76
63 Chile 14.59 5.74
64 Iran 14.55 5.73
65 Iraq 14.55 5.73
66 Germany 14.48 5.70
67 Eritrea 14.39 5.67
68 Israel 14.38 5.66
69 Switzerland 14.35 5.65
70 Norway 14.34 5.65
71 Poland 14.29 5.63
72 Algeria 14.19 5.59
73 Austria 14.16 5.58
74 Turkey 14.11 5.56
75 Cape Verde 14.05 5.53
76 New Zealand 13.99 5.51
77 Macedonia 13.98 5.50
78 Ukraine 13.98 5.50
79 United Kingdom 13.97 5.50
80 Canada 13.92 5.48
81 Greenland 13.87 5.46
82 Spain 13.85 5.45
83 Saudi Arabia 13.80 5.43
84 Estonia 13.78 5.43
85 Finland 13.78 5.43
86 Libya 13.74 5.41
87 Azerbaijan 13.72 5.40
88 Afghanistan 13.69 5.39
89 Ethiopia 13.53 5.33
90 France 13.53 5.33
91 Turkmentistan 13.48 5.31
92 Australia 13.31 5.24
93 Armenia 13.22 5.21
94 Russia 13.21 5.20
95 Portugal 13.19 5.19
96 USA 12.90 5.08
97 Ireland 12.78 5.03
98 Mongolia 12.77 5.03
99 Romania 12.73 5.01
100 Yemen 12.72 5.01
101 Korea (North) 11.71 4.60
102 Korea (South) 11.71 4.60
103 Indonesia 11.67 4.59
104 Singapore 11.53 4.54
105 Malaysia 11.49 4.52
106 Vietnam 11.47 4.52
107 Bangladesh 11.20 4.41
108 Hong Kong 11.19 4.41
109 Japan 10.92 4.30
110 China 10.89 4.29
111 Sri Lanka 10.89 4.29
112 Philippines 10.89 4.29
113 Taiwan 10.78 4.24
114 India 10.24 4.03
115 Thailand 10.16 4.00
116 Cambodia 10.04 3.95

How Do I Measure My Erect Penis?

After looking at the data, the first question that comes to mind is, how do I measure up? The BJIU study used the following procedure to measure erect member size:

  • Step 1: Achieve an erection.
  • Step 2: Place a ruler along the top of the penis and press it gently into the body, at the base of the penis.
  • Step 3: Measure from the base of the penis to the top of the head.

Congratulations! You know you have a number that you can compare to millions of other men around the world. If I had to guess, the penis size range is probably somewhere between 3 and 8 inches (7.6 to 20.3 cm). Your measurements are probably closer to average than you thought. So, what does this all mean?

Most Women Prefer Average Size Penises

If you’re concerned about penis size, here's the good news. Most women prefer that their partners have average size penises. It's simply a myth that women prefer large penis sizes all the time. According to another recent comprehensive study, when presented with different size plastic penises, women overwhelmingly chose the one that was 5 inches long. In fact, when asked, most women said they were satisfied with their partner.

Even more interesting, women care more about the general cosmetic appearance of the penis. Moreover, according to the same study, women care more about pubic grooming, penile skin condition, and other body parts than they do about length and girth.

Do I Have a Micropenis?

Let’s address another important topic that is often misunderstood when talking about penis size. The micropenis. It’s a term that’s often used to make fun of men. It goes something like this, “I’m glad we’re no longer together . . . he has a micropenis anyway.” Translation: he has a small dick. As we all know, it’s just about the easiest and worst thing someone can say publicly about a guy. What kind of person says this, and how do you defend yourself against that charge without ending up on the registered sex offenders list? But I digress. So, is it an accurate charge? Most likely not.

Micropenis isn’t just a “small willy,” as the disgruntled ex-partner would like the world to believe. A micropenis is less than 3 inches erect (7.6 cm), and chances are you don't have one. Only 0.6 percent of men suffer from micropenis, which is clinically defined as a penis with an average length of 2.75 inches (7.0 cm) fully erect. The micropenis or microphallus is a medical condition, usually diagnosed by your doctor at birth. It's typically caused when the infant’s body fails to produce enough androgen. Androgen is a powerful hormone that plays an important role in penile development. Micropenises are often treated with either hormone therapy as a child or surgery later in life. You can learn here more about the micropenis and the prevailing treatments, including penis enlargement surgery.

How Do I Know if My Penis is Grower or A Shower?

Are you a grower or a shower? Meaning, does your penis dramatically expand from its flaccid position when erect? Did you know there’s actually a definition for men who are “growers” vs. men who are “showers”? According to the International Journal of Impotence Research a grower is defined as a man who’s penile length is more than 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) longer erect than it is flaccid. A man is a shower when the difference is less than 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). Ok, but does this actually matter? You bet it does, especially for the grower! Interestingly, this is a hotly debated topic, with many medical professionals claiming it really doesn’t exist as a medical condition.

Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

We know what you are thinking. We get it. Do you still want to know if there is any way to make it bigger naturally? Other than surgery, which can be expensive, complicated, and dangerous, there is no simple way to dramatically increase penis size. That being said, there is good news. Here are five ways to naturally improve the dimensions of your manhood and your sexual performance:

1. Sexercise Your Way to A Harder & Fuller Erection

Achieve your full potential. Simply put, the more blood you push into your penis, the harder and bigger it gets. Your pelvic muscles are responsible for creating rigid, longer-lasting, and fuller erections. Most men know almost nothing about the pelvic muscles, the role they play in creating and maintaining erections, and how to strengthen them. Check out our page on with info about how to exercise your pelvic muscles.

2. Expand the Blood Vessels in the Penis

If stronger pelvic muscles don’t help you achieve a fuller erection, try a medical-grade vacuum erection device. But, don’t confuse these with cheap, store-bought penis pumps. Medical-grade vacuum erection devices are clinically proven to help expand the capillaries in the penis. When used in combination with an FDA approved constriction ring, some men have seen significant results.

3. Train for the Bedroom

Prepare for sex. Train for the bedroom. Bigger and longer-lasting erections require healthy strong blood flow to the penis. Improve your circulatory system by maintaining healthy body weight, exercising regularly, and taking sexual health supplements. Moreover, try not to smoke or drink too much alcohol. Both of these diminish blood flow to the penis and harm erectile function.

4. Groom Your Pubic Hair

A well-groomed member looks good. It’s more attractive to your partner. But most importantly, carefully trimmed pubic hair can make your penis appear larger and longer. But beware, shaving your penis and testicles completely can have the opposite effect. Removing all your pubic hair can make your penis look pre-pubescent.

5. Avoid Over-the-Counter Erection Pills

Finally, avoid over-the-counter supplements that claim to enhance the size of penises. These products don’t work. And they can be very dangerous. Just like there is no herbal supplement that can make you taller, there is no over-the-counter pill that can make your manhood larger. Don't believe us? Just ask any doctor.

Improve Your Sexual Health & Performance Naturally

It could take centuries - if it's even possible at all - to convince men that penis size shouldn’t define sense of identity and manhood. We need to get rid of "Locker Room Syndrome" of "Penis Syndrome" and stop comparing ourselves to other people. Good sexual identity and performance is determined by more than just size. Improve your body naturally. Learn what satisfies your partner. And, while there are steps you can take to safely and naturally help you achieve a fuller and thicker penis, the best thing is to focus on improving your overall sexual performance and health.


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