How Do I Make My Penis Look Larger?

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How do I make my penis look bigger? How can I enlarge my penis without surgery? What is the average penis size? If you think you are the only man asking these questions, think again. Millions of men around the world search Google for answers to these questions every day.

How do I make my penis look bigger without surgery?

So why do we continually search for ways to increase the size of our manhood? Better yet, why is penis size so important to men? Simply put, there is no single aspect of the human body that plays such a critical role in defining a man’s identity as his penis. 

Penis Size Matters More to Men than Women

Right or wrong, men are told from an early age that good sex is dependent on penis size. From mainstream movies to porn, virulent, strong men have giant penises. They get hard at a moment’s notice and hammer away all night long. After all, isn’t this what heterosexual women want? But do they? When asked, most women don’t want long, drawn out sex sessions, where they are pounded into oblivion. In the largest study of its kind, the majority of women said penetrative sex is most desirable for 5-10 minutes. What? How could all those movies be so misleading?

Moreover, women prefer average size penises. Shut the front door! You’re just being sadistic. Nope, it’s true. At least according to another recent comprehensive study (and it was not conducted by the Make Me Feel Better Foundation). When presented with different size penises (plastic models not real human erections), women overwhelmingly chose the one that was 5.1 inches long, which happens to be the international average penis size.

What do women really want in a penis?

Ready for this one? Women care more about the general cosmetic appearance of the penis than its size. That’s right! In fact, they care more about pubic grooming and penile skin condition than they do about length and girth.

Look, I know what you are thinking. You haven’t answered any of the original questions that brought me to this page in the first place. That’s true, but these are important facts to consider when evaluating overall sexual ability and performance.

Can I make my penis bigger?

There is more to sex than penis size. That being said, let’s explore what you can do to not only increase penis size without surgery, but also to dramatically your performance in the bedroom.

1) Strengthen your pelvic muscles for a fuller erection

If your penis is fully erect, it’s going to be bigger. It’s a simple fact. Your penis has the ability to dramatically expand. The more blood you are able to force into your penis, the bigger it becomes. Your pelvic muscles play a critical role in creating harder, longer lasting, and fuller erections. Most men know very little about these muscles, the role they play in creating and maintaining erections, and how to strengthen them. You can learn more about the male pelvic muscles here.

2) Pump it up

When strengthening the pelvic muscles isn’t enough, try a penis pump to help you achieve your full potential. But don’t waste your money on a poorly made, run of the mill pump. These don’t work. Medical-grade vacuum erection devices have been clinically proven to help expand the capillaries in the penis. When used in combination with an FDA approved constriction ring – not a poorly designed “cock ring” – some men have experienced truly significant results.

3) Manscape your penis

A well-groomed penis not only looks good and is more attractive for your partner, but it also can make your penis appear larger. Grooming your pubic hair makes your penis look longer and bigger. But be careful, shaving your genitals completely can work against you. Removing all your pubic hair can make your manhood appear pre-pubescent.

4) Train for the bedroom

Prepare for sex like you would any endurance-based activity. Fuller and longer-lasting erections require healthy and strong blood flow to the penis. You can improve your circulatory system by exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy body weight, getting the proper amount of sleep, and taking blood flow enhancing sexual health supplements. Moreover, don’t smoke and reduce your alcohol consumption. Both of these are blood flow killers.

5) Don’t take gas station erection pills

Finally, avoid products that make false promises. You know what I’m talking about. Those eye-catching, ornately packaged capsules displayed at the point of purchase at the gas station, convenience store, or local bodega. The male enhancement pills with names like Rhino 2500, PowerZen, Black Mamba, Super Panther, and Extenze. These products promise everything from the enhancement of penis size and width to providing explosive orgasms, better ejaculatory control, and rock-hard erections. They don’t work. And they can be very dangerous.

A bigger penis isn’t always better!

While there are steps you can take to safely and naturally help you achieve your full potential, the best thing is to focus on improving your overall sexual performance and health. In the long run, learning what satisfies your partner and being able to perform in the bedroom will provide far more satisfaction than simply increasing the size of your manhood.


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