How To Get Ready for Prostate Surgery

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How To Get Ready for Prostate Surgery

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be scary. Here's what you need to know to prepare for prostate surgery and recovery.

Having your prostate removed is a highly effective means of curing prostate cancer. Unfortunately, because of the prostate’s “precarious” location - smack in a busy area at the crossroads of the urinary and genital tracts, connected to the bladder on one end, the urethra on the other end, touching upon the rectum, and nestled behind the pubic bone in a well-protected nook of the body - its removal has the potential for causing some unwanted and undesirable side effects.


Oftentimes, urologists are so focused on removing the cancer (and saving the patient’s life) that not enough time is spent educating patients on what they can do to minimize the negative effects of the surgery. By strengthening the pelvic floor prior to and after prostate surgery, patients can greatly reduce and reverse such effects.


Trauma to nerves, blood vessels, and muscular tissue during surgery can compromise sexual function and urinary control. A small percentage of men experience significant urinary incontinence, whereas many men experience mild leakage. Others note a decline in their ability to obtain and maintain an erection after the surgery. Additional sexually related side effects may occur, including urinary leakage with foreplay and arousal; ejaculation of urine at the time of sexual climax; less intense orgasms and possibly pain with climax; a change in penile size with a decrease in flaccid length, erectile length and girth; and possibly a penile deformity.


Numerous studies have shown the benefits of pelvic floor muscle training after prostate surgery in terms of a hastening the recovery of urinary control and significantly improving the severity of the incontinence as well as having a beneficial impact on the recovery of erectile function in terms of the duration and severity of the erectile dysfunction. Because of the potential urinary and sexual side effects of radical prostatectomy, it is a prudent strategy to commit to a program of Kegel pelvic floor exercises both before and after the prostate surgery. It makes sense to become proficient in these exercises proactively before the trauma of surgery, so you go into the operation armed with precise knowledge and awareness of the pelvic floor muscles as well as with their increased strength, tone, power and endurance.


The Private Gym Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Program is the go-to means of gaining pelvic floor muscle proficiency for men who are scheduled for prostate cancer surgery. It is a comprehensive, interactive, easy-to-use, medically sanctioned and FDA registered follow-along exercise program that builds upon the foundational work of Dr. Arnold Kegel.


The Private Gym Basic Training program strengthens the pelvic floor muscles with a series of progressive “Kegel” exercises. The patented Complete Training program provides maximum opportunity for gains through its use of resistance equipment. The Private Gym Complete Training program should be used prior to the prostate surgery because of the importance of using resistance to maximize the strength of the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for surgery. The Private Gym Basic Training program should be started once sufficiently healed from surgery, with gradual progression to the resistance equipment of the Complete Training at the appropriate time.


A clinical trial of the Private Gym Program is underway and almost completed using the 4-week Basic Training followed by the 4-week Complete Training. Preliminary results show dramatic increases in the magnitude of pelvic floor muscle contractions, vastly exceeding measurements in the control group. Other findings are improved erectile strength, orgasm intensity, ejaculatory control and force, and sexual pleasure. Sexual confidence and self-assurance were strikingly improved in virtually all participants.

Not only did the program improve erectile dysfunction in men with mild ED, but it also enhanced erections and ejaculation in men without ED, with the resistance program expediting the results beyond the capacity of the non-resistance program. For more details about the results of the clinical trial please visit:


Before embarking on prostate surgery, make every effort to get in the best general physical shape as well as achieve the best pelvic fitness as possible. Yet another reason to exercise, eat properly, and maintain a healthy lifestyle are the advantages that accrue when you get ill and need surgery. A prepared pelvic floor does wonders in helping to recover erections and urinary control.

Andrew Siegel, MD Urologist, Co-founder of The Private Gym, and author of the highly acclaimed book, Male Pelvic Fitnes: Optimizing Your Sexual and Urinary Health 


Andrew Siegel, M.D., Urologist, Co-founder of The Private Gym, and author of the highly acclaimed book, Male Pelvic Fitness, Optimizing Your Sexual and Urinary Health.

The Private Gym Program is the first FDA-registered pelvic muscle training system for men. In a four-month clinical trial, 75% of men improved erectile rigidity and 90% reported great improvement in their sexual self-confidence. Learn more about how you can strengthen and maintain these critical muscles at

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