Man with hair pulled back in a white robe looking out the window and drinking coffee after a sexual encounter

How Premium Lubrication Improves Your Sexual Performance

3 min read

When it comes to choosing the right lubrication, not all lubes are the same. The right lubrication can make all the difference - and premium, silicone lubricants stand out from the crowd.
Open drawbridge during sunset that evokes a man's erection

Ten Tips for How to Get Harder Erections

7 min read

Did you know that the typical man-on-top missionary position involves every major muscle group thereby draining blood away from the penis and resulting in a possible loss of erection? In this post learn about all the sex positions conducive to maximum blood flow.

Shirtless man in bed with laptop that could benefit from masturbation training

Grow Up and Masturbate Right!

3 min read

Most men are masturbating exactly the same way they did when they first discovered it as a 13-year old. Think about this for a minute: you are masturbating like a pubescent boy. Find out why it's time you start masturbating like a man!

Vibrators: No Longer Just For Women and Pleasure

The Reasons Why Vibrators Are No Longer Just For Women and Pleasure

5 min read

Vibrators are no longer just for women. Their popularity of use by men is catching up to that of females. Even physicians recommend their use as a way to manage and combat many forms of sexual dysfunction. Find out what the “buzz” is all about!