Kegel Exercises for Men: An Economic Perspective

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Kegel Exercises for Men: An Economic Perspective

Are you exercising your penis?

Before you answer, consider this: As men, we spend much of our lives in pursuit of sex. It’s actually not our fault. There’s a very dangerous and mind-altering substance coursing through our veins at all times. It’s called testosterone, and it’s the same substance that convinces men that if they stay long enough in the Champagne Room, “Sapphire” is going to leave with them.

Newsflash: Sapphire isn’t meeting you after the club closes, and she isn’t working her way through college. If you drained the testosterone from your body, this would become completely apparent. Sex drives just about everything we do as younger men.


We work hard to get a good job, to go to a top-notch school, so we can afford nice clothes, drive a fancy car, and have disposable income. We spend hours in the gym exercising our bodies, eating right, and staying in shape - all to increase the odds of attracting a mate for the evening. So after all the years of hard work and money spent - decades of studying, hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt, car payments, clothing bills, gym memberships, large bar tabs (why else do you buy shots for everyone at the bar?) - what have you done to prepare for the moment when you actually enter the bedroom with your partner?


The answer? Nothing. You’ve done absolutely nothing. You’ve invested a small fortune in both time and money for five minutes (if you’re lucky). What would it be worth to you if you could double or triple that time? Moreover, what is the value of your reputation? You can almost guarantee that your partner for the evening is going to tell everyone how you did. is not going to help you here. And, all kidding aside, if you actually care for the person that you’ve managed to convince to undress you, don’t you want to make the experience the best it can be for him or her?


When we’re not aggressively pursuing sexual conquests - as is often the case for men as we get older - we begin to focus our efforts on preventing the deterioration of our reproductive and urinary systems. Again, this is not our fault. The male reproductive system suffers from serious design flaws. Our main way of expelling fluids from our body is through a tiny tube that runs straight through the center of an organ that has the remarkable tendency to swell with age.

Our erections, prostate, bladder, and bowels are supported by a set of complex muscles, known as the pelvic muscles, which are weak to begin with and get weaker with age. As a result of this and other factors, over time, our erections begin to soften. They no longer wake us up in the morning by jamming themselves into the mattress. Our urine dribbles into our underpants. We can’t stop ourselves from passing gas. Getting old sucks. It’s also expensive. Instead of spending all our money chasing sex, we invest large sums of money trying to keep us from embarrassing our partners, our families and ourselves.


Back to the original question: Are you exercising your penis? If you knew that you could improve your sexual performance, experience harder and longer-lasting erections, reduce premature ejaculation, and help prevent and reverse the onset of many of the unwanted conditions that come with age simply by exercising the pelvic muscles, wouldn’t you do this? The answer is absolutely you would. It makes perfect economic sense. You’re going to spend close to half your life and most of your time and money pursuing sex. Make every experience the best it can be.


And, as you age, avoid spending time and money dealing with medical conditions that may be avoided by simply maintaining the muscles that support your reproductive, urinary and prostate health. Whether you are 18 or 80, for a small investment in time, you’ll see a significant return. You owe it to yourself, your partner, and your family to exercise your penis.


You can learn all about the importance of your pelvic muscles and how to exercise them at The Private Gym. Also, Dr. Andrew Siegel, one of the nation’s leading urologists and co-founder of The Private Gym, spells it all out for you in his acclaimed book, Male Pelvic Fitness, Optimizing Your Sexual and Urinary Health.