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Penis Size & Girth Program 2.0

Private Gym
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  • The Private Gym Penis Size & Girth program combines five products into one comprehensive program that will help you achieve larger and harder erections. The program requires only 15 minutes/day, 6 days per week for 60 days. After 60 days, or once you achieve your desired size and girth, you can reduce program use to 15 minutes/day for only 2-3 days per week.

    This is how the program works: (1) it gradually stretches the penile tissues; (2) it expands the capillary blood vessels in the penis; (3) it strengthens the pelvic muscles that control blood flow and erections; and (4) it provides nutrients that improve penile blood flow and tissue health. Working together, these four methods create a highly effective, all-natural solution for increasing penis size and girth.

    Best of all, the routines are easy to perform, only take only minutes per day, and have no significant side effects. The program includes the following products:

    • The Private Gym Complete Training Program
    • The Hydromax Penis Pump
    • Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum
    • AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Pelvic Blood Flow
    • Bathmate Measuring Gauge
    • Our specialized step-by-step program
    • Unlimited access to our award-winning coaches
    • Includes our 60-day unconditional guarantee; one-year or two-year product warranties

Why Choose the Penis Size & Girth Program?

Penis Size & Girth Program Contents

How the Penis Size & Girth Program Works

Common Questions About The Penis Size & Girth Program

It is wise to be skeptical about products that claim to increase penis size because most are fraudulent. Of particular note are unregulated supplements that claim to increase penis size, since they are widely available over-the-counter, but are completely unproven.

The Private Gym Penis Size & Growth Program uses a combination of products that each play a role in maximizing penis size and improving sexual health and performance. Each part of the program is either exercise-based (strengthening), stretching-based, or dietary supplements that promote penile blood flow and tissue health. 

All products in the Penis Size & Girth Program are either clinically-tested, based on long-established technologies, or nutrients that are proven to be effective. More information is available on each product detail page.

We cannot predict this in advance. The biggest factor is your commitment to the program. However, other contributing factors such as your age, physiology, and your physical fitness will also have an impact on results.

More specifically, using the Hydromax pump correctly will increase penis size temporarily for up to 12 hours, but long-term gains require consistent use of the entire program for 1-3 months, along with ongoing maintenance sessions. 

Other sexual health benefits will occur with the regular use of the program and some of these are detailed here.

The Private Gym Penis Size & Girth Program is designed for men of any age who wish to increase the size of their penises. The program is also excellent for men who wish to reverse age-related penile shrinkage, reinvigorate the health of their penises after a long period of sexual inactivity, or simply increase sexual performance in general.

The Private Gym Penis Size & Girth Program is expertly designed to fit men whose erect penis size is between 3” and 9” (7.6 cm to 22.8 cm). If you are above or below these sizes, please contact us for more help.

Temporary results from pumping with the Hydromax are immediate. For up to 12 hours after pumping, you will notice a temporary increase in penis size. Creating long-term results requires consistent use, six days a week for 60 days. Following that, maintenance sessions of least 2-3 times per week are recommended once the desired length and girth are achieved.

The program takes about 15 minutes per day. On alternating days (3-4 days per week) you will perform the jelqing routine followed by the Private Gym Kegel exercises. On the days you are not performing this routine, you should use the Hydromax in the shower or bath for up to 15 minutes per day. The Hydromax can be used every day, but for no more than 15 minutes per day. The Kegel
exercises require one day of rest in between each session. Jelqing can also be performed before using the Hydromax, if desired. More details on the
routine can be found here.

We recommend that you use the Private Gym no more than 4 times/week (always one day rest in between sessions). The Hydromax can be used for up to 15 minutes/day. Jelqing can be performed for up to 10 minutes/day. Exceeding these guidelines is not recommended.

Each component of the Penis Size & Girth Program has been tested independently.

The Private Gym was rigorously tested in a clinical study and the results showed dramatic improvements in a variety of metrics related to sexual health and performance.

Penis pumps like the Hydromax are one of the most studied sexual health devices for men. Their efficacy has long been established.

Many of the ingredients in AFFIRM and Max Out have been studied and correlated to positive results in male sexual health and wellness.

The Penis Size & Girth Program has been designed by sexual health experts at the Private Gym to combine all of these scientifically proven products into a comprehensive program that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Penis Size & Girth Program is specifically designed to work in conjunction with erectile dysfunction medications, and therefore it is safe to use them together. Note that since the program can reverse erectile dysfunction naturally, the need for ED medications can be reduced or eliminated in the long run.

None of the components of the Penis Size & Girth Program have significant side effects. Regardless, please follow the instructions carefully for each item. Please ask our coaches for help if you are unsure if you are using the program correctly.

Of all the included devices, it is most important to learn how to use the Hydromax correctly to avoid injury. Complete instructions and a comprehensive list of Hydromax precautions can be found here.

What is the Right Size Penis Size & Girth Program for me?

hydromax size chart full size
hydromax size chart mobile size

How to Use the Penis Size & Girth Program

Shipping Limitations for Penis Size & Girth Program

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pleased after 2 weeks

Very comfortable fit and pretty easy to use. I do wish the valve at the top was constructed a little different, maybe the tip of it being slightly larger and easier to manipulate, or a different valve altogether. I am noticing some slight girth increases it seems. Not much in the length yet. I am satisfied so far.

Yes, the Hydromax does take a bit of practice to use comfortably, and likewise some time for the effects to show, but if you stick with the recommended routine, we're confident you'll get the expected results. Let us know if you need any tips or help!

Geoffrey G.

I have tried it a few times, and I think I am now doing it right. I had to shave the hair around my cock to get a good seal. I think it is having an effect. I have also been jelquing, which also seems to help. I think I need the support strap to hold it up when I am in the shower.

Geoffrey, your feedback brings up a few important points to remember: 1) trimming the pubic area is required to make it work, 2) the shower strap is highly recommended to make the pumping experience more convenient, 3) Hydromax takes a bit of practice to get the technique right (we're here to help if anyone needs it), and 4) some increase will be immediately apparent, but it really takes time and regular use to get the full benefits. Stick with the recommended program and you will get there!


Bathmate® Hydromax 5 Penis Pump

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