Erection Recovery Program

Erection Recovery Program

  • The Erection Recovery Program is our most powerful program to fight erectile dysfunction (ED) and also to help maintain stronger and longer-lasting erections.

    Healthy erections require three ingredients: (1) strong pelvic muscles; (2) healthy blood flow; and (3) proper nerve sensitivity and stimulation.

    The Erection Recovery Program directly addresses all three with a highly effective and all-natural program that is easy to perform and has no significant side effects. The program includes:

    • The Private Gym Complete Training 8-week pelvic fitness program with DVD/online access, FDA registered patented resistance ring, magnetic weight and discreet carrying case
    • The Viberect X2 Male Stimulation Device and charging cable
    • AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction
    • Free unlimited access to the Private Gym’s expert support and coaching
    • Access to specialized step-by-step program instructions
    • Includes 60-day unconditional guarantee; one year product warranties
  • Get stronger and longer-lasting erections naturally with the Private Gym Erection Recovery Program - the world’s #1 training system for reversing erectile dysfunction!

    The Erection Recovery Program is actually three programs in one: (1) the Private Gym Complete Training System and (2) the Viberect X2 Stimulation Device and (3) the Affirm Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction.

    The first part of the program is the Private Gym. In less than 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, the Private Gym will strengthen the pelvic muscles that control the penis, bladder, prostate and rectum. The Private Gym was developed by leading urologists, physiologists and sexual health experts. It is scientifically proven to give harder, longer lasting erections, improved urinary health and better prostate performance.

    The eight week Private Gym Complete Training Program includes the Basic Training Program plus resistance weight training for maximum pelvic muscle strength. Acting almost like a personal trainer for your pelvic muscles, the follow-along program helps you isolate and build the muscles that support sexual, urinary and prostate health. Each week the exercises become progressively more challenging as you gain muscle strength. The program is safe and effective for men of all ages and fitness levels. The Private Gym program is designed to increase pelvic fitness for men more quickly and effectively than any other method.

    The second part of the program is Viberect Stimulation Device. The Viberect helps overcome many forms of sexual dysfunction, including difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection, rigidity issues, erectile dysfunction occurring after prostate surgery, and ejaculatory and orgasmic dysfunction. The Viberect also amplifies orgasm during sexual intercourse. It is the only vibratory medical device cleared by US FDA and European Union for treatment of ED.

    Viberect works by safely and painlessly stimulating the pudendal nerve receptors located on both sides of the penis that initiate an erection. When using Viberect, signals for erection reach the spinal cord and "wake up" the sexual centers in sacral spinal cord. Next the body releases nitric oxide via the cavernous nerves to increase blood flow and erection. Viberect naturally stimulates this process in 3-5 minutes before sexual intercourse or during foreplay.

    The third part of the program is AFFIRM natural supplement which combines four powerful, pharmaceutical grade ingredients (L-citrulline, red beet extract, asian ginseng and muira puama) to improve blood flow to the penis and boost sex drive. These ingredients are potent nitric oxide boosters and anti-oxidants which optimize blood circulation. Working together, they increase blood flow and maximize erectile firmness without the side effects of prescription medications.

    If you are searching for the most effective, all-natural way to reverse erectile dysfunction or to create more rigid, longer lasting erections, look no further. The Erection Recovery Program can be done entirely at home in just a few minutes per day. It is also perfectly safe, backed by our 60-day unconditional guarantee and ready to ship worldwide!

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