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Viberect-X2® Male Stimulation Device (Mild-Moderate ED)

Viberect-X2® Male Stimulation Device (Mild-Moderate ED)

  • The Viberect X2 is a non-invasive therapeutic device that improves penile health and performance using its patented vibrating medical soft pads. The FDA fully approves Viberect X2 to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and induce sexual reflexes that lead to ejaculation and orgasm. The Viberect has been clinically tested and is recommended by urologists worldwide.

    • Treats mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction, weak erections due to age-related causes or medical conditions such as prostate cancer surgery, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, spinal cord injury
    • Painlessly evokes ejaculation and intense orgasm
    • Safe to use with PDE-5 erectile dysfunction medications but is also an effective alternative to ED drugs
    • Certified by the FDA & CE as a medical device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
    • Fully adjustable rhythm and operating mode for comfort and efficiency
    • Made in the USA, built to last for years of daily use
    • Unlimited access to our award-winning coaching support
    • Includes our 60-day Medical Device Guarantee; one-year product warranty

How Viberect Works

Viberect Features

Viberect Benefits

Common Questions About Viberect

Yes, the Viberect works. It is clinically proven to improve erection quality and trigger ejaculation and orgasm.

Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi, a member of The Private Gym Medical Board, invented the Viberect. The Viberect is the only male stimulation device that delivers perfectly targeted vibration stimulation on both sides of the penis. The key technology in the Viberect is patented and not available on other devices.

Yes, since the Viberect works by delivering sonic vibrations to the penis, it can be noisy. By way of example, it makes about as much noise as a Sonicare toothbrush or a small blender.

No, the Viberect does not hurt. But if the penis becomes sore after using the Viberect for an extended time, discontinue use until the painful sensation is gone.

You can use Viberect while taking PDE5 inhibitors (ED medications). Since the Viberect and PDE5 inhibitors treat ED via different bodily systems, combining them can create a synergistic effect.

The technical specifications of the Viberect are as follows:

• The vibration frequency is 70-110 Hertz.

• The vibration width is 2 mm.

• It operates at 110-240 volts.

• The battery is nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) and takes 6-8 hours to charge completely.

• A fully charged Viberect will operate for 30 minutes on the medium setting.

There is no time limit for how long you can use the Viberect in a single session, but if using it becomes painful, you should take a break until it is no longer irritating.

You can use the Viberect every day for multiple sessions unless the penile tissue becomes sore. If this occurs, you should take a break until it is no longer painful.

Yes, the FDA & CE approved the Viberect to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and trigger ejaculation and orgasms in men.

Yes, the Viberect includes a one-year warranty for defects. During the warranty period, most repairs will be free of charge. (This does not include normal wear and tear.) However, after the warranty expires, we can repair your Viberect for an additional fee.

The blue medical softpads on the Viberect will wear down after continued use. When they begin to show wear, we recommend that you replace them. Keeping the blue medical softpads in good condition will maximize results. Replacement pads are available here.

Yes, we can replace the battery on the Viberect if it no longer holds a charge. However, if the one-year warranty is expired, there will be an additional service fee to replace the battery.

How to Use the Viberect

Precautions for Viberect

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Viberect-X3 Works Great

I was recently diagnosed with a non traumatic SCI, and was having trouble ejaculating. The Viberect changed that, and has been instrumental in my recovery. I have found that even some of the top urologists are unaware of this device, and hope to spread the word about its positive effects. Highly recommended.


Finally used my viberect x3 for the time and achieved an ejaculation. I have an SCI and glad that this device actually works and gives me hope that I can now try to have kids.

Dragos G.
Amazing product

Works as expected. Instructions are very clear and it is easy to follow along.

Fred M.
Viberect-X3® Male Stimulation Penile Vibrator produces morning wood!

I am 92 years old and was not able to get an erection for the past two or three years. Since I started to use the Viberect, I wake up each morning with an 80 percent erection and soon it will be 100 percent.

Storm W.
Mannn…Viberect Is Damn Bomb!

Let’s start first thing I no longer have any ED since my prolactin levels are good and I’m on TRT. Also doing intermittent fasting. So with that said I use it for penis enlargement and penile health and let me tell this device had me hard thick and Rigid without any porn or stimuli. So for Maintence buy this device learn it use it everyday along with pumps and stuff from Private Gym. I would give 10 Stars FACTS!

Storm, thank you! Sometimes we really NAIL IT and it sounds like we did with you this time! We are here if you need any other help!

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