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Primal Cold JetPack Targeted Cold Pack for Sexual Energy

Primal Cold JetPack Targeted Cold Pack for Sexual Energy

  • The Primal Cold JetPack allows you to access the sexual health benefits of cold exposure therapy without all the fuss of getting wet by delivering targeted cold directly to the testicles. Studies show that cold exposure therapy boosts endorphins and testosterone, enhancing men's sexual energy and performance. Furthermore, cold exposure therapy is well-researched, safe, and has no side effects.

    • Engineered specifically for male anatomy - safer and more effective than a standard cold-pack
    • Does not contain phthalates that can leach into and damage sensitive areas
    • Reusable thousands of times; includes a storage bag for freezer and travel
    • Has no negative side effects when used for recommended duration of 15 minutes or less
    • Components made in Canada by an FDA-registered company, with final assembly in the USA
    • Unlimited access to our award-winning coaching support
    • Includes our 60-day unconditional guarantee; one-year product warranty

How Primal Cold JetPack Works

Primal Cold JetPack Features

Primal Cold JetPack Benefits

Common Questions About Primal Cold JetPack

The Primal Cold JetPack is ideal for men who want to enhance sexual energy, boost natural testosterone production, or improve sperm quality and fertility.

Do not use Primal Cold JetPack if you have peripheral vascular disease (medically diagnosed poor circulation) or hypersensitivity to the cold.

The modern lifestyle has a significant negative impact on testosterone levels, and part of the problem is temperature. Our testicles are often overheated by layers of clothes, sitting too often, climate, and many other factors. However, study after study has shown that testicles perform much better when cold. The Primal Cold JetPack is a simple addition to your sexual health routine that solves this problem.

The easiest way to use Primal Cold JetPack is at night before going to sleep for 5-10 minutes. When you’re in bed, reading, relaxing, or scrolling on your phone is the perfect time to use it.

Most men see a difference in the morning after the first use of their Primal Cold JetPack. It’s common to notice an increase in morning erections right away. Morning wood is a signal that it’s working!

First, the water coming out of your shower probably isn’t sufficiently cold to reach therapeutic levels, especially if you live in a warm climate. Second, cold showers aren’t fun for many of us, making it hard to stay consistent. Finally, the showering process takes time, often in short supply. The Primal Cold JetPack is simply the most effective and convenient way to provide targeted cold to your testicles, compared to all other options.

Chilling your testicles with Primal Cold JetPack should not hurt. If you feel pain, take a break and let your JetPack warm-up for a few minutes before using it again. The cold gel should be a slushy consistency during use. Do not use Primal Cold JetPack when frozen solid. If you’re generally sensitive to cold or over the age of 70, you can start by keeping the JetPack in the fridge instead of the freezer. You can also put it over your underwear instead of directly on the testicles. In short, you should feel the cold, but there should be no significant pain.

Yes, you can use Primal Cold JetPack if you have varicoceles. Targeted cold is beneficial for treating varicoceles.

You can use Primal Cold JetPack as often as once per day or as little as once per week. If you feel too aggressive or have too much sexual energy to put to good use, use your JetPack less frequently.

Keep your Primal Cold JetPack in the freezer in its storage bag. That way, it’s always ready for use. Note that freezers are colder in the back and towards the bottom. If your JetPack is frozen solid, let it warm up to a slushy consistency before using. Do not use Primal Cold JetPack when frozen solid.

The cold pack contains a non-toxic, proprietary hydrogel blend. The plastic pouch is phthalate-free food-grade polyethylene plastic. Phthalates-free plastic is critical since these chemicals reduce testosterone levels.

How to Use Primal Cold JetPack

Precautions for Primal Cold JetPack

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alex S.
Better than a cold shower!

I'll start with the cons: 1. You freeze your balls.

Now that's out of the way, this is the most effective means I've found yet for getting the testosterone benefits of an ice cold shower without having to take an ice cold shower. Definitely noticed a zing in my step the next morning after the first time I used the JetPack, and now it's on heavy rotation. I prefer this to other icepacks for sports injuries, etc. because of the gel consistency and the shape and (adjustable) size is just right to target the cold for maximum benefits with minimum collateral damage, lol. Recommended!

Alex, this is a well-written review --- if you want a job writing product descriptions, please let us know! All joking aside, obviously, you get what makes the JetPack special and how to get the most out of it. So please tell your friends - we have more in stock!

Carlos A.
I rate this 10/10

Primal Cold JetPack Targeted Cold Pack for Sexual Energy it works very well, I have been using it and I have notice changes after that. So I highly recommend it, besides, the support from the team it is just great. Thank you for developing such amazing products.

Carlos, thank you for the compliments! We are always happy to help in any way we can. Stick with your nightly JetPack routine and I think you'll find excellent benefits that increase with time and use.

solid product

been using for a few weeks but have noticed an increase in sex drive

Vito, that's great to hear. If can you make JetPack part of your nightly routine, I think you'll find that the effects from it will increase over the next several weeks. Stick with it!

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