Viberect-X3® Male Stimulation Penile Vibrator Device

Viberect-X3® Male Stimulation Penile Vibrator Device

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  • The Viberect X3 is the most powerful and only patented, safe, physiological, noninvasive, male vibratory stimulation device in the world. Viberect X3 is approved by the FDA and recommended by urologists and health care providers for the treatment of severe and persistent erectile dysfunction (ED) and men with spinal cord injuries above the T10 level. 30% more powerful than the Viberect X2, the Viberect X3 has a dual Japanese Mabuchi motor stimulation system that is powerful enough to promote erection and ejaculation in men with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Now available for the first time without a prescription.

    • Recommended for men with moderate-to-severe ED, recovery of nerve function after prostate cancer treatments, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, spinal cord injury, post-operative surgery symptoms, or other medical conditions contributing to severe ED
    • The highest success rates achieved by devices capable for men with SCI
    • Dramatically increases sexual response directly through the nervous system
    • Can be used in conjunction with PDE-5 ED medications
    • Safe alternative to ED drugs, injections, and surgery for men with ED
    • FDA & CE certified medical device for the treatment of moderate-to-severe erectile dysfunction
    • Includes patented penile vibration technology
    • Pain-free, stimulating, and can evoke extremely intense orgasms and the strongest sexual response
    • Adjustable rhythm and operating mode for comfort and efficiency
    • Can be used for pleasure as a masturbation device
    • Made in the USA built to last for years of daily use
    • Includes 60 day unconditional guarantee; one year product warranty
  • Viberect X3 helps men overcome many forms of sexual dysfunction, including difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection, rigidity issues, erectile dysfunction occurring after prostate surgery, and ejaculatory and orgasmic dysfunction. It is the only vibratory medical device cleared by US FDA and the European Union for the treatment of ED.

    Viberect Series X3 advanced penile vibratory system was developed by the highly acclaimed urologist, Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi. The sonic vibration technology used in Viberect devices is patented and is proven to successfully trigger erections in men with (moderate-to-severe) erectile dysfunction and conditions related to post prostate cancer surgery, aging, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and spinal cord injuries.

    Viberect X3 System Includes:

    • Viberect dual Mabuchi motor stimulation system
    • One pair of medical soft pads (replaceable)
    • User Manual and instructions
    • Deluxe packaging with soft foam insert for storage
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Low Profile shipping and packaging
    • 1 Year Guarantee

    Technical X3 Specifications:

    • Made in The USA
    • Vibration frequency: 70-110 Hertz Amplitude
    • Vibration amplitude of stimulation: 3 mm
    • Ni-Alu-Hydride Rechargeable batteries
    • Voltage: 110-240 Volts
    • US FDA, CE, Health Canada, ARTG

    Certification: CE, US FDA, Health Canada, ARTG

    FDA Statement: Compliant with medical device industry standards for electronic and plastic safety including ISO 10993-2, ISO 17025, ISO 13485-2003, CMDCAS, and EN 60601-3.

    Precautions: Viberect use by men with spinal cord injuries carries the risk of Autonomic Dysreflexia. If you suffer from a spinal cord injury, please seek advice from your health care provider.

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Customer Reviews

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Work well

Works well.

John, I think some men are surprised when they find out how well it works, but yes, the Viberect gets the job done. Any extra help you need, please contact us anytime.


Quality product. Worked as advertised.

George, we're glad that you're pleased with the Viberect. Any extra help you need, let us know. And don't forget to change the blue medical pads once the seem worn. That makes a big difference in performance after you've gotten some use out of it.

Amazing product

Works as expected. Instructions are very clear and it is easy to follow along.

Great for people with major issues

It does not produce an erection for me, but it does allow me to ejaculate within seconds. Highly recommend for anyone looking to have children but cannot produce an erection. It will not give an erection.

NME, thanks for the comments. It's worth noting that there are three possible causes for erectile dysfunction: 1) blood flow, 2) pelvic muscle strength, and 3) nerve sensitivity. If the ED is based on #3 (nerve sensitivity), Viberect will trigger orgasm/ejaculation AND erections. If the ED is based on #1 or #2, it may not trigger an erection, but it will still create orgasm/ejaculation. So, it has more to do with the type of issue, rather than the severity, as you suggested. Nevertheless, I suspect your ED is based on #1 (blood flow) and/or #2 (pelvic muscle strength). We can still help you with that. Please email customer service and we will do our best!

Not what I was hoping for...

I had a radical prostatectomy 2 years ago, still dealing with ED. Hoping Viberect therapy will help get erections back. It does seem to increase blood flow, just not what I was hoping for. Also, what others have said about the switch is true! The unit turns on very easily, and can be accidentally started at most awkward moments! The power button needs to require a much longer touch to turn on.

David, thank you for your feedback. We will definitely look at changes to the power switch in the next version. Note that Viberect is mainly for men that have nerve sensitivity issues and/or are looking to trigger orgasms/ejaculation. If you'd like to significantly improve blood flow, please contact customer service, we have different products specifically for that purpose. Even considering your radical prostatectomy, your ED may be caused by any one or all of the three possibilities: 1) blood flow, 2) pelvic muscle strength and 3) nerve sensitivity. Nerve sensitivity is often the primary issue after a radical prostatectomy, but that is often not the ONLY reason for subpar erections. The other two factors may be contributing as well. If you think that's the case, a slightly different program may work better.