Grow Up and Masturbate Right!

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Shirtless man in bed with laptop that could benefit from masturbation training

Most men are masturbating exactly the same way they did when they first discovered it as a 13-year old. Think about this for a minute: you are masturbating like a pubescent boy? How many things in your life are you doing exactly the same way as when you were 13? Isn’t it about time to grow up and start masturbating like a man?

How Masturbation Training Can Improve Your Technique

“Pounding your prick till it pukes” does not make you good at masturbation! They used to call it “self-abuse.” I’m with them. Most men are just abusing their poor penis. I can totally understand a teenager rubbing himself raw from over-masturbation. An adult? If they are that stupid, they deserve to have a bleeding penis. Just because you have a driver’s license does not mean you’re a good driver.

What Are the Rules for Good Masturbation?

Good Masturbation Does Not Happen By Accident

Intentionally setting aside time for self-pleasure means you are taking care of yourself. You schedule stupid things in your life all the time. Schedule something good for yourself.

Always Use Lubricant When Masturbating

Masturbating dry has been shown to dramatically accelerate the natural desensitization of the penis as we grow older. Lube makes it feel better. It protects your skin from chaffing.

Take Your Time When You Masturbate

Edge for at least 15 minutes every time you masturbate. Masturbating quickly trains your penis to ejaculate quickly and even ejaculate without being fully erect and engorged. Longer stimulation = better orgasms.

Remember That Your Whole Body is a Sex Organ

If you are not stimulating every inch of your body at some time during your life, you are missing out on a lot of fun sensations. Men have erogenous zones all over their body they have never discovered. Become an explorer.

Why Should Use Toys When You Masturbate

For some reason, men think vibrators are only for women. Yes, most sex toy vibrators are junk and not strong enough for a man. Go into a specialty store and get a hand-held, cordless massager. Stop asking questions. Figure it out and just do it. Now explore. You will like it. Prostate massagers do amazing things for orgasms.

About the Author

Paul R. Nelson, CCMA, SE Paul Nelson is a nationally recognized male sexuality educator and advocate. Paul is a Member of the Medical Board of The Private Gym. He is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator as well as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. He is president of the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation (501c3) and founder of Frank Talk, the first non-commercial online community for men with sexual dysfunctions.

He is a patient educator and sees men daily in a clinical setting with Dr. Michael Werner, a men’s sexual medicine specialist in New York City as well as the Mt. Sinai Hospital Men’s Health Center. His work goes far beyond simple information or helping men get erections. He put his years of teaching to use and educates men about every aspect of their reproductive system. He bridges the enormous communication gap between the medical world and the sexuality world and brings a holistic sexuality approach to the medical treatment men are receiving.

Paul helps men not only restore their lost abilities, he helps them take advantage of this process by teaching men to look at their sexuality in a way that goes far beyond physical limitations. Paul is an instructor at the Institute for Sexuality Education in Hartford, CT, an affiliate with the Men’s Health Network, as well as a popular presenter to men’s groups across the country.

Paul has been featured on ABC News with Diane Sawyer, the New York Times, National Public Radio, the BBC, and many regional media outlets. Memberships include: American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT), International Society of Sexual Medicine, and the American Urological Association

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