how to get rid of blue balls

How to Get Rid of Blue Balls

6 min read

The male sexual phenomenon known as "blue balls" is a real thing. You might be surprised to find out that it doesn't only happen to men! In this fun and informative post, you'll learn the truth about how blue balls occur, and how to get rid of them when they do happen.

5 surprising benefits to jelqing

4 Surprising Benefits to Jelqing

8 min read

Jelqing is a series of repetitive stretching exercises performed for penis enlargement, blood flow, and perhaps even a way to improve your sexual performance overall. These techniques originated in the ancient Middle East but are gaining in popularity again. This informative blog post will tell you everything you need to know about jelqing!
Graphic depicting best and worst sexual positions for men with erectile dysfunction

The Best and Worst Sexual Positions for Men With ED

6 min read

There are simple ways to improve sexual performance and prevent erectile dysfunction by practicing good habits and choosing the right sexual positions for sexual activity. Read on and you might even be surprised to find out the best and worst positions to fight ED!

Man's midsection wearing jeans holding a tape measure as if to measure his penis

The Myths and Realities of Average Penis Size

8 min read

What is the average penis size? How do I measure my penis? Can I make my penis larger? These are just a few of the questions that millions of men ask the internet every day. Right or wrong, the penis plays a critical role in defining a man’s identity, his sense of masculinity, and his sexual prowess. 

Man in shirt and tie sitting behind computer thinking about the size of his penis

How Do I Make My Penis Look Larger?

4 min read

So why do we continually search for ways to increase the size of our manhood? Why is penis size so important to men? Simply put, there is no single aspect of the human body that plays such a critical role in defining a man’s identity as his penis. In this post, we outline some simple ways to make your penis look larger.

man in suit laying in bed who was harmed by gas station sex pills

Gas Station Sex Pills Do They Really Work?

7 min read

You've probably seen them before - they have eye catching, ornate packaging, and are displayed near the checkout at gas stations, convenience stores, and local bodegas. This informative post gives you the real story behind these often dangerous and unregulated pills.

four cactuses on brown background that look like penises and appear to be shrinking

The Top 5 Reasons for a Shrinking Penis

7 min read

The thought of losing penile length is not a pleasant one. Actually, it’s downright terrifying! There is no single aspect of the human body that plays such a critical role in defining a man’s identity. The good news is that you can prevent and reverse penile shrinkage. Read more about this topic at the Private Gym!

Man with hair pulled back in a white robe looking out the window and drinking coffee after a sexual encounter

How Premium Lubrication Improves Your Sexual Performance

3 min read

When it comes to choosing the right lubrication, not all lubes are the same. The right lubrication can make all the difference - and premium, silicone lubricants stand out from the crowd.

How To Improve My Penis: What Exactly Are Men Searching For?

How To Improve My Penis: What Exactly Are Men Searching For?

4 min read

Did you know there are more Google searches about penises than any other body part? For every 100 questions about the nether regions, there are 67 for the heart, 57 for the eyes and 40 for the head. Find out what exactly men are searching for!

Man at the doctor's office learning about the side effects of a prostatectomy

Five Potential Sexual Side Effects of Radical Prostatectomy

4 min read

Having your prostate removed is a highly effective means of curing prostate cancer, however, it can have side effects that impact your sexual activity. In this post, learn about the most common side effects and some possible solutions.

Man in white shirt and black pants performing Kegel exercises in a room with big windows

The Top Five Myths About Pelvic Floor Exercises For Men

3 min read

Kegels, or pelvic floor exercises, are not just for women. Nor can they be performed any old place at any old time. Kegels are so much more than just squeezing and releasing. Explore this post as we set all the Kegel myths straight.

Why Do Men Know So Little About the Organ They Love So Much?

Why Do Men Know So Little About Their Penises?

3 min read

Who knows more about the penis, men or women? With no evidence at all, our guess is women - simply because men know so little about their reproductive system. In this fun post, we explore the difference in men’s & women’s knowledge about the male genitalia.

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