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Enhance Sexual Performance & Pleasure

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The Private Gym’s Sexual Performance Exercise Program Supports Stronger Erections, More Powerful Orgasms & Enhances Ejaculatory Force

The Male Pelvic Muscles: Your Intimate Performance Engine

What is the Cause of My Sexual Dysfunction?

Clinically proven to help you reach your full potential without the side effects medication!


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What else can you do to help improve your sex life, reduce sexual dysfunction, and improve performance? Here are a few things to consider:

1. Make Sex A Priority: If you always treat sex as a secondary activity, it will always feel like a secondary activity. If you are attracted to your partner and you want to have mind-blowing sex, you should look forward to it and schedule it with your partner. Scheduling hookups may seem like it isn't in the "spur of the moment", but what you lose in spontaneity you gain in making sex feel like an important activity.

2. Be Yourself: Social media has changed how we view ourselves and each other. And it's not always positive. We're constantly confronted by unrealistic body image expectations. We're continually shown how relationships "should" be in a "perfect" world. The impact can be significant. Sex can become daunting if you begin to view yourself as less attractive or fixate on a physical 'imperfection'. Don't let the media or others dictate who you are. Stay true to yourself.

3. Communicate: Sex is all about being mentally connected to your partner. Communication is key in any relationship, and it is especially important during sex. Understanding each other, what they like and dislike, and talking about it openly is critical to healthy sex life. If you are unable to communicate? Seek help. Consider working with a professional sex therapist.

4. Lube Up: The world’s best performing race cars require the highest-grade lubricants to ensure peak performance. The same is true when it comes to performance in the bedroom. Exceptional lubrication not only heightens sensitivity and reduces unpleasant friction, but it also maximizes performance. It also reduces the drag of your hand or sex toy against the sensitive skin of a woman’s vulva, clitoris, and vagina, so you can glide your fingers across these nerve-rich areas smoothly. The same applies to the penis. Premium lubrication enhances the sensitivity of skin against the head and shaft of the penis, making sex and masturbation so much better.Whether you plan to go all night long, make quick passionate love, or just want to have fun together or by yourself, high-quality lubrication can help make the most out of any experience.

5. Train for the Bedroom: If you want to have mind-blowing sex for hours, you definitely need the stamina and physical health that is required for that much sexual activity. How often are you leaving the house for a run? Are you working out? Do you have a healthy heart rate and normal blood pressure? Focusing on your overall health is the first step in getting ready to improve your sexual performance. At the same time, you can also strengthen the muscles that control your sexual function. These muscles are the pelvic muscles. Unfortunately for men, they are weak to begin with and get weaker with age, resulting in soft erections, premature ejaculation, and reduced sexual performance. When strengthened properly, they create stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. Even better, when dramatically strengthened, the pelvic muscles can give you superior control, incredibly rigid erections, and significantly improve time-to-ejaculation.

6. Sleep Well Before You Sleep Together: Good sleep improves your body, mental health, and general well-being. This is because your internal clock is responsible for hormone secretions, testosterone, and cognitive function. When it comes to your sex life, all three of these are very important. Without good sleep, your body won't release sex hormones that get you in the mood for your partner. With lower levels of testosterone, you have a much higher likelihood of having sexual dysfunction and lack of sexual desires. Without good cognitive function, you will be struggling throughout the entire day and instead of wanting to have sex, you will want to go right back to sleep the second you hit the bed.

7. Natural Supplements: Sexual supplements have gotten a bad rep in recent years with every product claiming they can make you "have sex for hours with this one pill". Unfortunately, there aren't pills that can make you a sexual master overnight, but there are several remedies that have stood the test of time that may improve your sex dramatically. High-quality supplements can improve blood flow to the penis, support higher levels of testosterone, and help reduce sexual dysfunction. L-Arginine is one of the few remedies that come with medically reviewed studies backing up its ambitious claims. Other herbs that can improve your sexual function are herbs that increase the levels of nitric oxide. Here are some of the best supplements for men on the market.

8. Masturbate: Before you try any of the above solutions, we highly recommend that you masturbate and focus on what truly satisfies you sexually. For guys, try to masturbate without porn and instead focus on what sensations turn you on. In general, once you have a clearer understanding of what exactly turns you on you can be more vocal and help your partner stimulate you in the best way possible. (Here are some great tips on learning how to masturbate the right way.)

9. Reconnect: Sometimes the health of your relationship needs to be fixed before the health of your sex life. Take time out of your week to go back to the place where you had your first date. Write a silly letter and remind them that you are thinking about them. Reminisce about what made you so attracted to the other person and then tell them. Sometimes men and women will assume that the relationship can be fixed through better sex. They don't consider that perhaps sex is bad because the relationship needs work first. Remind yourself about how wonderful your partner is, and you may find your libido naturally find it's way back into the relationship. With all of this information, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Although it can be difficult to implement all of these solutions at once, you can pinpoint where you are weakest and start adopting new lifestyle changes today.