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How Premium Lubrication Improves Your Sexual Performance

3 min read
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3 min read

Isn’t it amazing how many sexual stigmas still exist today? Masturbation is embarrassing. Just don’t talk about touching yourself. You can’t say penis on mainstream television. Sex toys are for sexual deviants and perverts. Even personal lubrication is often talked about as something unusual, odd, or kinky. Enough!

Wouldn’t it be nice to remove all sexual stigmas once and for all? Frankly speaking, it would make life a lot easier. We could talk freely about sex. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have open and honest discussions about sexual pleasure and performance? Let’s start by talking openly about personal lubrication. Lube is one of the best sexual pleasure enhancers. Whether you are using it alone or with others, the right lubrication makes masturbation better and sex wetter, slicker, more enjoyable, and longer-lasting. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable and flexible, but it also heightens sensation, makes sexual play more fun, and allows for experimentation.

How to Choose the Right Lubrication for Sexual Performance

And when it comes to choosing the right lubrication, it is important to remember, not all lubes are the same. The right lubrication can make all the difference, and premium, silicone lubricants stand out from the crowd. But are all lubrications the same? Definitely not!

Some are simply superior, and Uberlube holds the top spot in our testing. Here are five important facts to know about premium, silicone lubrication:


The world’s best performing race cars require the highest-grade lubricants to ensure peak performance. The same is true when it comes to performance in the bedroom. Exceptional lubrication not only heightens sensitivity and reduces unpleasurable friction, but it also maximizes performance. It also reduces the drag of your hand or sex toy against the sensitive skin of a woman’s vulva, clitoris, and vagina, so you can glide your fingers across these nerve-rich areas smoothly. Same applies for the penis. Premium lubrication enhances the sensitivity of skin against the head and shaft of the penis, making sex and masturbation so much better.

Whether you plan to go all night long, make quick passionate love, or just want to have fun together or by yourself, high-quality lubrication can help make the most out of any experience.


Silicone lubrication is hypoallergenic and is highly-unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. As a general rule, everyone’s skin is different, so if you are concerned about silicone use, simply apply it to a small area on your skin before using in the bedroom.


It’s true that silicone is waterproof and stays on longer than water-based lubricant, but it is hardly messy. In fact, because silicone adheres better to the body, it is less likely to drip and slide off the body. It also lasts much longer than other lubrications, which means you don’t need to apply much to create a superior, frictionless experience.


Silicone lubricants will not damage the majority of sex toys, particularly those made of hard materials, like hard plastic, aluminum, ceramic, steel, granite, wood, or marble. While sex toys that contain silicone may degrade overtime, but wont happen quickly. In most cases, but the time there is any noticeable damage to the toy, it’s frankly time for a replacement anyway.


Don’t be worried about using too much lube. Most experts encourage people to use lube liberally. Unless it is a type of lube known as a "warming lubricant," lube does not create heat, but actually the opposite. Reducing the friction between two surfaces and reducing the heat that friction produces, often improves the sexual experience. And, when it comes to silicone lubrication, a little goes a really long way!

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