FREE ACCESS to Week 1 of Basic Training Program

FREE ACCESS to Week 1 of Basic Training Program

  • Improve your pelvic health naturally and without drugs or side effects using the Private Gym Basic Training Program! For a limited time only, we are offering free access to Week 1 of our most popular 4-week Basic Training program. Our system has been proven in clinical trials to boost sexual performance, urinary health and prostate health. Your free access includes:

      • Instant access to Week 1 of program via streaming service
      • Introduction video that explains program basics
      • Free membership to Private Gymnast pelvic fitness newsletter
  • Get better sexual, urinary and prostate health through exercise with the Private Gym Basic Training Program - the world’s #1 FDA registered training system for male pelvic fitness!

    In less than 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, you can strengthen the pelvic muscles that control the penis, bladder, prostate and rectum. The Private Gym was developed by leading urologists, physiologists and sexual health experts. It is scientifically proven to give harder, longer lasting erections, improved urinary health and better prostate performance.

    This limited time offer gives you access to Week 1 of our 4-week program. The Basic Training program is designed so that each week the exercises get progressively more challenging. These specialized exercises are safe and effective for men of all ages and fitness levels. Our program is designed to increase pelvic fitness for men more quickly and effectively than any other method.

    Whether you want to enhance your sexual fitness, improve urinary and prostate health, or just generally feel more confident, the Private Gym Program is proven to be the #1 way to naturally and effectively transform your pelvic health!

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Which Program is Right for You?

Feature Basic training Complete training Erection recovery
Expertly designed follow-along training program to build initial pelvic muscle strength
Online access to the training videos
Choice of a male or female trainer to guide you through the routine
FDA Registered resistance penis ring and magnetic weight
Expertly designed follow-along resistance training program for maximizing muscle growth
Exercises require a rigid erection with or without medication
FDA Registered erection stimulating device
Orgasm amplification via pudental nerve stimulator

Customer Reviews

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I want to cancel any order I placed with The Private Gym

Good video

Good Instructional Video

Great for Motivation and Discipline

The Basic training and fundamental vid is very pro, educational and motivating to learn of the readily trainable PFM, and the results of doing so.
I find the voice prompt and frequency of training to be surprisingly effective in consistently completing this routine, which I've not been able to do before on willpower alone.

Robert, thank you for the feedback. That was definitely our intent when we designed the program. We're glad you're getting results - any special coaching you need, just let us know.

Part Way There

Based on Week 1, I bought the Basic package to work towards getting and maintaining an erection since I've had ED for a long time. It's given me hope that it is possible. I've not reached my main goal--yet, but I've gotten off Flomax. No more dribbling, not heading to the bathroom many times a day--down by 50%!

Ken, the early signs are promising, stick with it and you will get there! The key is following the program as close as you can, and getting 3-4 sessions in every week. Also, don't be afraid to stay on Week 4 for a while if you're not ready for the resistance device in Week 5. We are here if you need more help!


I was recommended this program by a friend. However in my humble opinion it does not offer enough value. And the price jump for the advanced course is way outside my budget. Also I’m not keen on the regular emails about the pills. If my ED persists I’ll see my GP. Thanks.

Ian, we value all feedback from our customers, so thank you for taking the time to write this review. It's worth noting that you used our no-cost 'free access to week 1' program which shows only a small fraction of the overall Private Gym program. Also, we have paid programs that start at $19.99 and still are very effective! To the best of our knowledge, our programs are among the most cost-effective available to treat ED. If you would like our help making a deeper assessment of the products, we are here to help!

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