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Happy older couple running in the woods after reversing erectile dysfunction

What Is The Best Way to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

5 min read

ED is caused by many factors, including poor blood flow, nerve damage, pelvic muscle weakness, side effects from medication, stress, and psychological conditions. We advise that treatment starts with the simplest, safest, and least expensive options first.

happy man and woman viewed from shoulders up in white bed with while background

How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction Without Prescription Drugs

8 min read

In the US alone, 30 million men struggle with ED. Traditional therapies treat blood flow, but often ignore the roles of the nervous system and pelvic floor muscles. Thanks to progress made over the last 20 years, all three factors can now be treated safely without prescription drugs.

sexercise penis workout

Sexercise - How to Workout Your Penis

10 min read

If you remember nothing else, always remember that whatever is good for your heart is good for your penis. Good blood pressure, low blood sugar, low cholesterol, and low stress all benefit your penis. In this post we explore ways to keep your penis in shape.

Drug free erectile dysfunction treatment represented by Private Gym resistance device and Viberect

Drug Free Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Viberect and Private Gym

2 min read

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, there are few solutions that help prevent or reverse the condition. Most treatments involve costly medication or incorporate devices. This post explores the underlying cause of ED and how to truly fix it.

Taking Control – How to Best Prepare For And Recover From Prostate Cancer Surgery

How to Best Prepare For And Recover From Prostate Cancer Surgery

5 min read

Prostate cancer surgery side effects can present as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and in some cases, penile deformity. Find out how you can keep your prostate healthy with pelvic floor muscle exercises. In other words, Kegels for men.

How To Make Orgasms More Orgasmic

How To Make Orgasms More Orgasmic

3 min read

Let’s talk orgasms. Sure you know what one is, but do you know the key to making them more explosive? How about how to make them last longer? The answer is Kegels. Read this post to learn how pelvic floor exercises can improve the quality of your climax.

Erection Innovation: The Top Technological Advancements for the Penis

What Are The Latest Technological Advancements for the Penis?

3 min read

Innovative yet controversial advancements in technology have been made to combat erectile dysfunction. Among them is a penile injection, shockwave therapy or a cast, for the penis. Then there’s non-invasive pelvic muscle exercises. Which one would you choose?

How To Get Ready for Prostate Surgery

How To Get Ready for Prostate Surgery

4 min read

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be scary. Side effects of prostate removal such as ED and loss of bladder control, can be even scarier. Find out how a prepared pelvic floor can help you recover erections and urinary control.


fit man in bed appearing pensive about climaxing early

The Top 5 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation Without Medication

7 min read

You can overcome premature ejaculation with pelvic floor muscle training. There’s also the “squeeze technique,” when you withdraw the penis and gently squeeze the head until the ejaculation feeling passes. Learn more about reducing premature ejaculation in this informative post.

Open drawbridge during sunset that evokes a man's erection

Ten Tips for How to Get Harder Erections

7 min read

Did you know that the typical man-on-top missionary position involves every major muscle group thereby draining blood away from the penis and resulting in a possible loss of erection? In this post learn about all the sex positions conducive to maximum blood flow.

Shirtless man in bed with laptop that could benefit from masturbation training

Grow Up and Masturbate Right!

3 min read

Most men are masturbating exactly the same way they did when they first discovered it as a 13-year old. Think about this for a minute: you are masturbating like a pubescent boy. Find out why it's time you start masturbating like a man!

Functional Pelvic Fitness: Kegel Exercises for Men and Women

Functional Pelvic Fitness Knowledge for Men and Women

3 min read

We exercise for many different reasons - to look good, stay fit, and maintain a healthy body weight. But we rarely work out just for functional reasons. Here we explore why working out the functional muscles of the pelvis is so important.