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Customer Feedback About Private Gym Complete Training

3 min read
Using the Private Gym Male Kegel Exercise Program: Real Experiences & Feedback from our Customers

3 min read

We get great feedback from our customers all the time. As you can imagine, it runs the entire spectrum. I get daily emails from men expressing how much the program has helped them regain their youthful erections to guys expressing their complete surprise that the Private Gym actually reversed premature ejaculation. We also receive many emails from guys frustrated that they haven’t seen the improvements they were hoping for. We do our best to provide them advice and training tips. If all else fails, we simply refund their purchase with no questions asked.

However, every now and then, we get emails from customers who teach us something new. One email in particular comes from "TG," who wanted to make sure we shared his insights with other users of the Private Gym program:

Hi there, I didn't see any place on your site to give feedback like mine, because it's not really a review, but rather just my experiences.

I've had your product for just over 3 years now. I used it religiously for the first 8 weeks, and then got derailed by life. I began using it again several months ago, and my results have been awesome.

I was so out of shape physically, that my first goal was to get back into cardio, yoga, and weights, before starting penis exercises. I figured being in shape in all those other areas of my body would help give my penis a kick start when I dove back into the Private Gym Training Program as well.

Here's what I did this time, which differed from the first time around. It's given me much more confidence.

First of all, I decided I would do every other day for 2 weeks, rather than the suggested 1 week per level. So, I did Level 1 for 2 weeks, Level 2 for 2 weeks, and so on. Sometimes I'd do 3 weeks per level, if I was particularly tired and busy. When I started adding weights, if I felt I couldn't do it with gusto, I would back step to Week 4 for that day, and then pick up two days later with the weights again.

As I continue doing 2 weeks at each level, my confidence, strength, and stamina continues to grow. I'm on my first week of week 7 now, and the visual when looking down is very encouraging, and admittedly FUN.

After I complete 2 weeks of week 7 and two of week 8, my plan is to jump all the way back to week 5, and add another weight. I'll do two weeks at each level (or 3 weeks each if I feel my penis needs more time in order to build that flex power/stamina) and will continue all the way out to week 8 again. Then, all the way back to week 5 again, adding a second weight.

I thought I'd share all that in case it resonates with other guys who, like me, also might feel like the 1 week per level isn't quite enough time to really develop that power, stamina, strength. That being said, I absolutely don't mean to knock your training schedule. I'm probably a minority in feeling I need more time per level. But I figured it would be worth communicating just in case it helps others.

If you're a guy reading this, all I can say is that as guys you know how important it is for us to have rock hard erections for EVER, until we're too old to care anymore. Whether enjoying masturbation by yourself, or having sex with others, it's a GIFT.

Thanks for helping me reclaim my big hard boner again! TG.

Like TG, please send us your feedback by replying to our emails or from one of the contact us on our website. It only helps us improve the program and our customer service! We take great pride in providing outstanding service to our customers and helping men improve their pelvic health and sexual wellness!

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