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Drug Free Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Viberect and Private Gym

2 min read
Drug free erectile dysfunction treatment represented by Private Gym resistance device and Viberect

2 min read

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction (also known as ED,) there are very few solutions that help prevent or reverse the condition. Most treatments involve costly medication that may have side effects or incorporate devices, such as vacuum assisted pumps, that merely provide short-term solutions. ED medications and pumps neither treat the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction nor do they give the patient the ability to improve some of the underlying issues that have given rise to the problem.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated Without Drugs?

When it comes to prostate cancer surgery, many men face the unfortunate reality that they will likely have to live with some form of ED. Again, the ED treatments following radical prostatectomy are often drug-based therapies that have potential side effects. To make matters worse, many men are unable to take ED medications because they may interfere with other medications they are currently taking.

This has now changed. The Private Gym, the first FDA registered pelvic muscle exercise program, and Reflexonic, the makers of the Viberect, the first FDA approved penile nerve stimulation device, announced a partnership to bring a new, revolutionary, pharmaceutical-free approach to the treatment of ED.


When used together, Private Gym and Viberect X2 or Viberect X3 provide a long-term solution for treating ED. Viberect stimulates the nerves that help induce an erection, while Private Gym strengthens the underlying muscle system that powers, supports, and controls erectile rigidity. This combined treatment provides a safe, all-natural solution - with no side effects - that may enable many men to reverse ED, particularly after prostate surgery.


Viberect is the first medical penile vibratory stimulation device that can help overcome many forms of sexual dysfunction including difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection, rigidity issues, ED occurring after prostate surgery, and ejaculatory/orgasmic dysfunction. Viberect is approved in more than 70 countries for the treatment of ED and other sexual disorders.

The Private Gym is the first expertly designed pelvic muscle exercise program that strengthens the muscles that support erectile rigidity as well as contribute to bladder and rectal control. This medically sanctioned program offers step-by-step instruction available via DVD or online and incorporates resistance training to greatly accelerate pelvic muscle strength. Learn more about how it works:


Viberect and Private Gym are clinically proven to help strengthen the male pelvic muscles and produce more rigid erections. A recent Tulane University study of Viberect in 105 patients with ED demonstrated Viberect to be as effective as ED injection medications.

Additionally, nerve stimulation following prostate surgery is a noninvasive and physiologic strategy in enhancing the recovery of potency. Randomized clinical trials at several centers of urological excellence are currently underway.


The Erectile Dysfunction Foundation recently completed a four-month clinical trial on the Private Gym. 75% of study participants showed an improvement in erectile strength and rigidity, orgasm intensity, ejaculatory control and force, as well as greater confidence in sexual performance. Learn more about the Private Gym clinical trial results.

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