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AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

  • AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction is clinically proven to enhance erectile performance and boost libido in men. It also improves overall heart health and helps brain functions such as memory, behavior, and mood. AFFIRM is formulated and manufactured in the USA. All supplement components are certified for accuracy to the label.

    • Scientifically formulated to boost erectile performance and libido, improve heart health, and enhance mental alertness and cognition
    • 150-count veggie capsules with 895mg proprietary blend of L-citrulline, redbeet extract, Asian ginseng & muira puama
    • 75-day supply of the recommended daily dosage: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, taken with food
    • Initial benefits begin to show after 20 days, full effects in 90 days
    • Formulated and manufactured in the USA
    • Unlimited access to our award-winning coaching support
    • Backed by our 60-day unconditional guarantee

How Does AFFIRM Natural Supplement Work?

What's Inside AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement?

Common Questions About AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement

The primary ingredients of AFFIRM are an amino acid and three natural compounds. Each component has been thoroughly tested in clinical studies and proven to be effective for its listed benefits.

Side effects from AFFIRM are rare. Likewise, none of the ingredients in AFFIRM are common allergens, so an allergic reaction is unlikely. However, in some men, the energy boost may create a feeling of mild anxiety.

Yes. AFFIRM can increase the effectiveness of PDE5 inhibitors since it boosts blood flow but works on a different but complementary process within the body.

Like most natural supplements, AFFIRM takes some time to kick in. You may notice enhanced energy and vitality within a few days. The sexual health benefits take about three weeks to activate. After taking the supplement for 90 days continuously, you will enjoy its full benefits.

If you miss a day or more, get back to your regular dosage as soon as possible. When you resume taking AFFIRM, do not take extra doses to "catch up." Note that if you skip the supplement for several days or more, your nitric oxide levels may drop to the baseline that existed before taking AFFIRM. This gap will cause you to lose the benefits created by the supplement. So start retaking it as soon as possible!

AFFIRM is effective when taken with or without food. Therefore, taking AFFIRM on an empty stomach is not a concern.

Natural supplements do eventually expire. However, your AFFIRM will have at least six months of shelf life remaining when you receive it. This window will give you plenty of time to use the product.

How Do I Use AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement?

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Customer Reviews

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Larry s.

AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

Birungi S.

AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

David C.

I ordered the supplement and got the wrong count bottle was told they would get right one too. After several attempts to contact the company I have gotten zero responses. I have ordered other things from this company and got my items promptly but I don’t understand why this time I am being ignored

Linwood K.

AFFIRM Nutritional Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction


Hi. I have not used the affirm as aid yet . I was waiting for the. Vibratec to use at the same time

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