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Optimus Red Testosterone Boosting Red Light Groin Cup

Optimus Red Testosterone Boosting Red Light Groin Cup

  • The Optimus Red Testosterone Boosting Red Light Groin Cup is the first and only device specifically designed to deliver targeted red light therapy to your testicles. Red light therapy uses low wavelength red light to energize hormone-producing cells and enhance their natural output. Targeted red light therapy is well-researched, safe, and does not produce unpleasant side effects.

    • Boosts testosterone, energy, and libido without drugs or side effects
    • Sessions require only 10-20 mins/day; can be used twice daily
    • Easy to use passively while performing other tasks
    • Light panels provide one week of use on a one hour charge
    • Reusable thousands of times without device degradation
    • Unlimited access to our award-winning coaching support
    • Backed by our 60-day unconditional guarantee; one-year product warranty

How Optimus Red Works

Optimus Red Features

Optimus Red Benefits

Common Questions About Optimus Red

Optimus Red is for men who want to enhance sexual energy, boost natural testosterone production or improve fertility.

Do not use Optimus Red if you are prone to heat rash. Also, if you have testicular cancer, consult your oncologist before use.

The modern lifestyle has a significant negative impact on testosterone. Regardless, there are many specific reasons why testosterone levels can drop, including aging, trauma to the head or testicles, weight gain (or rapid loss), alcohol abuse, medical treatments (such as chemotherapy), certain medications, and a wide variety of medical conditions. Therefore, having a safe, convenient, and natural way to boost testosterone is much needed in such an environment.

The easiest way to use Optimus Red is at night before going to bed for 10-20 minutes. When you're in bed, reading, relaxing, or scrolling on your phone is the perfect time to use it. This timing is ideal because your body produces most testosterone while you sleep. However, you can also use Optimus Red during the day by placing it inside your underwear for 10-20 minutes while performing other activities.

Studies show that the benefits of red light therapy can build over time, so we recommend daily use. It's typical to notice results after only a few days. However, some men may see a difference the morning after the first use, while some men take more than a week to notice a difference. To accelerate the impact of Optimus Red, use twice per day. Conversely, if the effect is too strong, you can skip days until you find just the right amount for your body.

You may use Optimus Red daily but no more than two sessions per day. The best time to use it is immediately before bed since your body produces most testosterone while you sleep. However, some men report having too much sexual energy when using Optimus Red every day. If this happens to you, can you reduce the number of sessions until you find the optimal amount.

Red light therapy with Optimus Red is safe, painless, and has no side effects. However, you should limit use to a maximum of 20 minutes per session. Also, stop using Optimus Red immediately if the micro panels get hot (not just warm from absorbing your body heat). Also, do not fall asleep while using the device.

There is no danger in using Optimus Red for longer than the recommended 20-minute limit. However, there is no additional therapeutic benefit for extra time in each session. Furthermore, wearing the EVA cup for long durations may counteract the benefits of Optimus Red by overheating your testicles.

The wavelength of the red light emitted by Optimus Red is approximately 650nm. Note that the micro panels do not emit infrared (IR) light. IR light gives off heat and is not ideal for producing testosterone.

No, the red light emitted by Optimus Red cannot hurt your eyes. Therefore, you do not need eye protection when looking at Optimus Red. However, we do not recommend that you stare directly into the red light panels for an extended time.

The red light emitted from Optimus Red is less intense than most other red light therapy devices. For this reason, Optimus Red does not require protective eyewear when used. In addition, since Optimus Red is positioned directly against the testicles, high-intensity light is not necessary to be effective. Other red light devices must shoot light across the room at a target and therefore have a far greater intensity and may require protective eyewear.

Optimus Red can operate safely up to 60C/140F, far above body temperature. But if Optimus Red is hot to the touch (not just warm), discontinue use immediately.

Red light therapy transmits very little heat and will not burn the skin. The micro panels may heat up slightly from absorbing your body heat, but this is normal. Also, it's important to note that Optimus Red does not emit infrared (IR) light, which also produces heat. Likewise, it does not expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and is not the same type of light used in tanning booths.

The light panels in every Optimus Red are power cycled and tested before being packaged for shipment. This process eliminates any defective panels. Furthermore, the batteries are housed in a protective shell. Therefore, the risk of overheating or exploding is similar to your cell phone, which is incredibly small. Nevertheless, discontinue use immediately if Optimus Red is hot to the touch (not just warm) or emits an unpleasant odor.

Optimus Red uses two lithium polymer (LiPo) low-voltage 280 mAh batteries. This battery type is the same technology used in many cell phones.

The Optimus Red foam shell is EVA, and the shell liner is a double-knit polyester athletic fabric.

Store Optimus Red in its travel/storage case. Ensuring the foam shell and micro panels are fully dry when stored is essential.

How to Use Optimus Red

Precautions for Optimus Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
This works and have the blood tests to prove it!

I have been using red light therapy for over a year now on my neither regions! I turn 40 this year and had my test levels all measured and now have the test levels of a 26 year old!

This is super easy and convenient to use, as opposed to hanging out nude in front of a precariously positioned red light panel.

I use this after my private gym session.

Thank you for sharing this! The results are phenomenal, especially when paired with some of our other programs. Keep up the routine!

Jim A.
Great men’s health product

The Optimus Red Testosterone Boosting Cup fits well and works great. On some sessions I feel the immediate effects of increased libido and erection hardness. I’ve been using the product day in and day out, once a day in the beginning and twice a day in the last 2 weeks or so.

Jim, great review! The consensus among the Private Gym community is that it works incredibly well. We're glad that you agree!

jeff c.
More Boners

A lot more boners

Jeff, sometimes, it only takes a few words to get the point across. Thanks for the Optimus Red review!

Mick D.
Excellent Product.

This really works. I have a noticeable increase in energy and stamina in addition to an increase in other areas! Highly recommended. Red Light for men definitely helps restore testosterone. I have been using it for more than 2 months now and I feel significantly younger and vibrant. I am 61 yrs old.

Mick, thanks for the review. We talk to people every day about Optimus Red and how amazing it is, but it's still hard to convince some men that it works. That's why reviews like yours are greatly appreciated! Email us if you need any more help.

Mike M.
Hardening Before the Storm of Old Age

Much like different muscle groups I work on throughout the week to prepare for old age, I started paying closer attention to the once muscle often overlooked. Private Gym is a brilliant innovation that gives me the comfort of knowing that Im getting a total body workout to prepare for the future.

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