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Testosterone Booster Program

Testosterone Booster Program

Private Gym
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  • The Private Gym Testosterone Booster Program is our most powerful solution to boost testosterone, sexual energy, and mindset naturally. This program pairs our Complete Training Program with three best-in-class products that work together to maximize results. It is safe, easy-to-use, and includes unlimited coaching to ensure you properly utilize the components. The program incorporates:

    • The Private Gym Complete Training Program and two extra weights (can be excluded if previously purchased)
    • Optimus Red Testosterone Boosting Red Light Groin Cup
    • Primal Cold Jetpack Targeted Cold Pack for Sexual Energy
    • SupporT Natural Testosterone Booster Supplement
    • Our specialized step-by-step program
    • Unlimited access to our award-winning coaches
    • Includes our 60-day unconditional guarantee; one-year product warranties

How the Testosterone Booster Program Works

Testosterone Booster Program Contents

Testosterone Booster Program Benefits

Common Questions About The Testosterone Booster Program

The Testosterone Booster Program is for men who want to enhance sexual energy, boost natural testosterone production or improve sexual performance.

Do not use the Testosterone Booster Program if you are prone to heat rash or if you have testicular cancer.

The modern lifestyle has a significant negative impact on testosterone. Regardless, there are many specific reasons why testosterone levels can drop, including aging, trauma to the head or testicles, weight gain (or rapid loss), alcohol abuse, medical treatments (such as chemotherapy), certain medications, and a wide variety of medical conditions. Therefore, many men can benefit from a safe, convenient, and natural program to boost testosterone.

There are different protocols for each part of the Testosterone Booster Program.

The Kegel exercise program only takes about 10 minutes per session, 3-4 times per week. The supplement is taken once per day, preferably with your evening meal. You may use both Optimus Red and JetPack passively while performing other activities. Initially, the program requires that you use Optimus Red twice per day for 10-20 minutes each session and JetPack once per day for 5-10 minutes. We recommend using Optimus Red sometime in the morning and then both Optimus Red and JetPack in sequence before bed.

The complete Testosterone Booster Program instructions are available here.

Each part of the Testosterone Booster Program begins to activate at different times. The Kegel program usually shows initial results after 2-4 weeks. Results may show for Optimus Red and JetPack after only a few days. However, some men may see a difference the morning after the first use, while some men take more than a week to notice a difference. The SupporT supplement begins to activate after 2-4 weeks. The complete Testosterone Booster Program will reach its maximum effect after 8-12 weeks of continuous use.

The Testosterone Booster Program has two products that touch the testicles directly, but they are not painful or dangerous when used correctly.

Optimus Red transmits very little heat and will not burn the skin. The micro panels may heat up slightly from absorbing your body heat, but this is normal. Also, it's important to note that Optimus Red does not emit infrared (IR) light - red light therapy is not the same type of light used in tanning booths. Likewise, it does not expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Chilling your testicles with the JetPack should not hurt. If you feel pain, take a break and let the JetPack warm-up for a few minutes before using it again. The cold gel should be a slushy consistency during use. Do not use JetPack when frozen solid. If you're generally sensitive to cold or over the age of 70, you can start by keeping the JetPack in the fridge instead of the freezer. You can also put it over your underwear instead of directly on the testicles. In short, you should feel the cold, but there should be no significant pain.

The Testosterone Booster Program is safe, painless, and has no side effects when used correctly. However, you must limit Optimus Red and JetPack to the maximum recommended duration per session. Stop using Optimus Red immediately if the micro panels get hot (not just warm from absorbing your body heat). Likewise, stop using JetPack if the cold is painful and allow the pack to warm up slightly before continuing use. Finally, do not fall asleep while using either item.

Our guidelines require that each component of the Testosterone Booster Program be proven effective before offering it to customers. Specifically, The Private Gym Complete Training Program is proven effective based on clinical trials and by thousands of men that have used it successfully. Additionally, there is extensive research on red light therapy and targeted cold therapy. Both are considered safe and effective. Finally, the ingredients in SupporT have been scientifically studied and proven effective for their intended purposes.

How to Use the Testosterone Booster Program


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David M.
Excellent program!

This is a great program. Easy to use. Comfortable. Seeing results after 2 weeks. Better sex drive, more energy and waking up erect every morning.

David M., Thanks for the feedback. Stick to your daily routine with the program and the benefits will grow. Please let us know if you need any help with product coaching or support!

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