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4 Surprising Benefits to Jelqing

8 min read
Jelqing Hand Technique

8 min read

*This article is for information purposes only. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Therefore, consult your urologist, physician, or doctor if you have more questions about this topic.

And so without further ado...

4 Surprising Benefits of Jelqing

Can jelqing help you increase penis size, girth, and sexual performance? What are the benefits of jelqing? Does jelqing actually work? The 'ancient' technique is said to make your penis bigger, but does it really? Let's explore all the important information about jelqing from a medical perspective as well as the physical and mental aspects of this practice.

Many of us would agree that when it comes to self-esteem and feeling good about ourselves, we often point to our sexual lives and experiences. After all, plenty of people - including our sexual partners - consider you a man’s man if your sexual performance is exceptional.

However, many of us have insecurities and still find it challenging to lead enjoyable sexual lives because we believe we’re a bit light in the pants. Consequently, a significant number of us seek out various treatments to improve our sex life, including increasing the size of our members.

For instance, some men call upon prescription drugs such as PDE-5 inhibitors (the little blue pills) or penis enlargement surgery to improve erections. Likewise, some of us also pursue more natural solutions such as Kegel exercises, supplements, and pumps to lengthen or improve our penises. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, which we explore in detail elsewhere in our Men’s Sexual Health Guide.

In this piece, we’re focused on jelqing - a solo stretching exercise for penis enlargement, blood flow, and perhaps even a way to improve a man’s sexual experience overall.

But What Exactly is Jelqing?

What Exactly is Jelqing and How to Use

Like we mentioned earlier, you have several options at your disposal should you want to grow your length and girth. For example, you can use tools like a penis pump to grow your male organ and maybe even overcome your penis insecurities.

Yet many men swear by jelqing, insisting that they’ve made significant gains in their quest to add inches to their penises.

According to a study published in Translation Andrology and Urology journal, this elongation method - based on information originating in the ancient Middle East - involves repetitive stretching techniques you apply to your semi-erect penis to increase penis size. Additionally, stretching the penis can improve the hardness of your boners.

Now, these are just anecdotes from various men on the internet who've tried this penis health exercise. The scientific consensus on the matter is still up in the air. But more on that later on.

Jelqing requires you to massage your penis in a distinct pattern for about three minutes, up to 3-4 times per week. This might sound like masturbation, but it’s significantly different. First off, the goal isn’t to get an orgasm but to stimulate the tissues in your male anatomy to stretch and maintain that lengthened size.

Recovery Gains from Jelqing

What Do You Gain From Jelqing?

This penis enlargement technique involves stroking and massaging your member. In other words, you’re doing a workout for your penis.

Just like your muscles, a consistent workout regimen and practice ensure that you increase the size and functionality of your penis.

That’s the thinking behind jelqing.

According to those who practice it, here are the benefits of jelqing:

  • Increased penis length
  • Increased penis girth
  • Harder and more sustained penis erection

Although we can’t rule out the validity of these claims, from a scientific standpoint, the jury’s still out on the efficacy of jelqing for penis enlargement.

Speaking of...

The Science of Jelqing

The Science of Jelqing

According to research results published in Psychology of Men and Masculinity, half of the study men believed they could change their penis size through a method that requires no surgery. Therefore, potential enlargement techniques like jelqing are very appealing.

However, it remains to be seen whether they actually make significant positive results in penis dimensions.

When it comes to jelqing, you need to keep in mind that it’s essentially a stretching exercise, working on a similar principle using pumps and extenders.

Supporting Studies

So, if those methods are adequate, jelqing should be too, right? Some scientific literature and articles attribute this to be the case.

For instance, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the stretching using penile extenders increased girth at the head of the penis. Furthermore, it also increased overall length.

It should be noted that this experiment required the men to wear these traction devices for over six hours a day for two weeks and then nine hours for up to three months. Jelqing involves a lot less time.

However, another scientific review from the University of Turin in Italy supports findings that a penile extender device actually increases penis length.

Studies Against

On the other hand, some data prove these results are inconclusive.

Take this study piloted out of the Department of Urology at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Researchers concluded that stretching exercises using penis pumps or a vacuum device were ineffective in increasing the size of their penis. They only helped provide results for conditions like Peyronie's disease, which is a painful curvature of the male anatomy.

A paper reviewing previous inquiries in mechanical stretching techniques and penis extenders concluded that these methods might not provide any significant increase in penis size. The authors recommended further research to draw concrete conclusions.

So, jelqing could be the solution to your penis size problems. At the same time, it may not be. Likewise, even proponents say you would need several months to see any results.

So, What Are the Drawbacks to Jelqing?

This is your manhood we’re talking about. If any adverse effects are resulting from jelqing, it’s only fitting that we point them out.

Here are some adverse effects:

  • Intensely stroking your penis could cause bruising and scarring.
  • The pain from continuous rubbing may impact your sex life because you don’t want to aggravate the bruising and swelling further.
  • Jelqing works by causing micro-tears in the penile tissue, causing it to regenerate. This healing process can go wrong, increasing fibrous scar tissue in your penis.
  • The vigorous rubbing can injure blood vessels within the shaft, hampering blood flow. This would affect your ability to get and maintain an erection, therefore your attempt to gain some inches could instead result in possible erectile dysfunction or loss of sensation during sex.
  • Additionally, you could damage the delicate thousands of nerves that provide the pleasurable feeling during arousal and stimulation.

    However, these negative effects are rare and much more likely to happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to master the proper technique and maintain a routine. Read on and we will illuminate how to jelq correctly.

    How Do You Actually Jelq?

    OK hand gesture

    Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons, and believe that penis stretching is the way forward, here are the 6 steps to jelq correctly.

    1. Apply a lotion or lube in your palm that will be used to reduce friction. There are some specialty products for this purpose, and we recommend Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum.
    2. Form an ‘OK’ sign or gesture with your thumb and index finger. The idea is that both fingers should form a circle.
    3. Insert your semi-erect or flaccid penis into this circle, all the way to the base. Your index finger should be at the one at the bottom and the thumb on top.
    4. Make the circle smaller until both fingers put a little pressure on the penis.
    5. Slowly move your hand forward, gently but firmly stroking the shaft of your penis towards the top end, and reducing pressure at the tip. One stroke should take 2-3 seconds. Do not move your grip past the shaft onto the glans (head) of the penis.
    6. Bring your hand back to the base, switch hands and repeat this motion 100 times or as many as you can within 20 minutes.

    Again, you should lubricate to reduce the pressure between your fingers and penis. This prevents the injuries we pointed out earlier. However, too much lube also reduces the jelq effect. Therefore, you should apply just enough to reduce friction, but not too much to nullify the massage's effect.

    Size Isn’t Everything

    While jelqing and other enlargement methods like penis pumps can boost your ego and perceived manliness, you don’t need to rely on them to lead a more enjoyable sex life. After all, others are even skeptical about their effectiveness.

    We always recommend that you improve your sex life through various proven, healthy methods. This way, women will be more appreciative of your prowess, making you get over that penis anxiety.

    the science of jelqing

    Benefits of Jelqing

    Despite inconclusive reports about jelqing, the technique possesses benefits that should come in handy if you want your average penis to become more impressive.

    Here are some positives to draw from this penis stretching method:

    1. Increased Penis Length and Girth

    The large majority of men trying out this technique are looking to add a few inches to their member. And seeing that several primary accounts attest to the effectiveness of jelqing, it stands to reason that there’s some truth behind it.

    When you stroke and massage your dick as we explained, you cause several micro-tears in the penile tissue. Naturally, your body systems will kick into gear to repair this damage.

    This repair job includes the formation of new tissue to fill up the gaps in the tears. Over time, as you tear and repair, your junk will start to accumulate tissue that adds to both the length and circumference of your junk.

    2. Extended Performance and Improved Sexual Prowess

    That first round of sexual activity is usually a tricky one for most fellows. Once you’re in, for some guys, it only takes a few pumps, and within seconds you’re groaning, shuddering, and curling your toes.

    If you’re one of those gentlemen that can’t seem to hold it in, jelqing is an excellent way to help you last longer. The technique allows you to decrease over-sensitivity in your penis due to the continuous massage of the tissues and nerves.

    Furthermore, there’s a mental aspect to this. Earlier, we mentioned that jelqing isn’t masturbation per se.

    However, if you’re stroking your penis without ejaculating for a considerably long period, there’s a high chance you’ll get aroused. But because your focus is on adding a few inches, you won’t rush to orgasm.

    Consequently, you can transfer this same mindset to the sheets. Because you’ve practiced how not to climax too quickly, you’ll have better control and a more enjoyable time in bed. After all, sometimes the journey is more interesting than the destination.

    3. Jelqing Improves Blood Circulation

    benefits of jelqingThe entire erection process relies on the blood flowing into your penis, filling out the spaces, and staying there. When you carry out proper jelqing technique, you massage these cavities in your penis, forcing blood into them.

    Additionally, you also stimulate the vessels to widen and maintain the proper structure that allows blood to flow freely.

    This allows you to get erections quicker and maintain them more easily. In doing so, you’re reducing the risks for sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction.

    4. Improved Self-confidence and Overall Sexual Appeal

    In the long run, jelqing results in a much larger penis. And like we highlighted at the start, men are more confident in themselves when they know they're packing.

    This positivity in your body image allows you to approach potential sexual partners confidently and assertively, vastly increasing your chances of closing the deal.

    Putting all these benefits together enables you to provide the satisfaction and pleasure your partner deserves in bed. At the same time, it allows you to enjoy your sexual encounters thoroughly.


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