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How To Experience Bigger, Better, And Longer Orgasms with Kegel Exercises

4 min read
Kegel Exercises For Men & Women: How To Experience Bigger, Better, And Longer Orgasms

4 min read

The human body is a remarkable machine. The more it is pushed to its limits, the stronger it becomes. When it comes to sex, the body reacts in a similar fashion. It is capable of producing stronger and more intense orgasms when the pelvic muscles that help control sexual function are used and strengthened.

So what causes an orgasm, where are these muscles located, and how do you exercise them? Exercising your pelvic muscles - also known as Kegel exercises - just may be the most rewarding and enjoyable workout that you aren’t doing. These exercises aren’t just for women anymore. Men, it’s time to get with the program!


Simply put, for men and women, an orgasm is the sexual excitement, pleasure, and euphoric state that accompanies the release of accumulated sexual tension. A medical definition of the male orgasm is the climax that occurs once sufficient intensity and duration of sexual stimulation surpasses the ejaculatory “threshold.”

Sexual climax consists of three phases: emission, ejaculation, and orgasm. When a certain threshold of sexual stimulation is surpassed, emission occurs, in which secretions from the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, epididymis, and vas deferens are deposited into the urethra within the prostate gland. During ejaculation the pelvic floor/perineal muscles contract rhythmically, sending wave-like contractions rippling down the urethra to forcibly propel the semen in a pulsating and explosive eruption.


Orgasm is the intense emotional excitement that accompanies the physical act of ejaculation. Technically speaking, orgasm takes place in the brain, whereas ejaculation takes place in the penis, although the fact that an orgasm is the ultimate mind-body experience blurs the distinction.

For women, an orgasm occurs once sufficient intensity and duration of sexual stimulation surpasses a threshold that induces rhythmic muscular contractions of the pelvic floor and perineal muscles, as well as the vagina, uterus and anus, resulting in intense emotional excitement and a state of bliss. In some women, Skene’s glands (the female equivalent of the male prostate gland) contractions induce the release of their secretions, often referred to as female ejaculation.


Sex is all about movement and motion, a kinetic chain that demands aerobic fitness as well as strong core muscles and external hip rotators. This fitness optimizes the smooth, efficient and coordinated integration of pelvic thrusting and lateral hip rotation. The floor of the core - the pelvic floor muscles - is of critical importance to penile and clitoral erections, ejaculation and orgasm.

The other core muscles and the external hip rotators are involved with the kinetics and movements of sex, but the pelvic floor muscles are distinctive as they directly involve the penis and clitoris. The pelvic muscles anatomically support the erect penis and clitoris, cause a surge of blood flow to the genitals, and have a profound involvement in ejaculation and orgasm. They form the “motor” of ejaculation, which by virtue of their strong rhythmic contractions, allow ejaculation to occur and contribute to orgasm.

Kegel exercises increase the strength, tone, power, and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening these muscles maximizes pelvic blood flow and penile and clitoral erectile rigidity as well as orgasms, since the pelvic floor muscles when contracting rhythmically at climax provide the muscle power behind the physical aspect of orgasm.

Pelvic floor muscle strength and proficiency is also a helpful means of improving ejaculatory control because command of the pelvic floor can help one delay ejaculation. Additionally, these exercises can help increase the volume, force, trajectory and sensation of ejaculation. When it comes to orgasms, the pelvic floor muscles make the magic happen. Toned pelvic floor muscles are capable of generating powerful contractions that can forcibly ejaculate semen at the time of the male climax and can equally help optimize and prolong the female climax.


What makes a penis workout program effective? After decades of research, we now know that proper muscle training comes from the right combination of many factors, including correctly isolating the muscles, allowing for the appropriate recovery time, properly educating the trainee, and adding resistance. Until now, no company has produced a serious and effective training program for the pelvic muscles that incorporates all of these elements.

The Private Gym Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Program For Men is the first comprehensive, interactive, easy-to-use, medically sanctioned and FDA registered follow-along exercise program that builds upon the foundational work of Dr. Arnold Kegel. It is also the first program designed specifically to teach men how to perform the exercises and is clinically proven to create harder and longer lasting erections, reduce premature ejaculation, and heighten the duration and intensity of orgasms. 

Learn more about the Private Gym Program For Men.

About the Author

Andrew Siegel, M.D., Urologist, Co-founder of The Private Gym, and author of the highly acclaimed book, Male Pelvic Fitness, Optimizing Your Sexual and Urinary Health.

The Private Gym Program is the first FDA-registered pelvic muscle training system for men. In a four-month clinical trial, 75% of men improved erectile rigidity and 90% reported great improvement in their sexual self-confidence. Learn more about how you can strengthen and maintain these critical muscles at The Private Gym for Men.

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