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Sexual Performance Program

Sexual Performance Program

Private Gym
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  • Sex is a sport - and just like any other sport, no matter how good you are at it, you can always improve. The Private Gym Sexual Performance Program gives you all the tools you need to take your sexual performance to the next level!

    The program targets four key factors that will enhance your sexual fitness and performance: (1) strong pelvic muscles; (2) high testosterone and nitric oxide levels; (3) proper mental focus and control; and (4) exceptional lubrication.

    The Private Gym Sexual Performance Program is highly effective, all-natural, easy to perform, and has no significant side effects. The program includes:

    • The Private Gym Complete Training Program (can be removed if previously purchased)
    • XYVGGR Nutritional Supplement for Sexual Performance
    • SupporT Natural Testosterone Booster
    • Uberlube Ultra-Premium, Silicone-Based Lubrication
    • Pack of 2 Extra Weights for The Private Gym
    • Male Pelvic Fitness Book by Dr. Andrew Siegel
    • Free unlimited access to the Private Gym’s expert support and coaching
    • Access to specialized step-by-step program instructions
    • Includes 60-day unconditional guarantee; one-year product warranties
  • We work out every other muscle system in our body, why not strengthen the muscles that control sexual performance? We take numerous supplements to improve our workouts in the gym, why not feed our bodies the nutrients needed to support more rigid and longer-lasting erections, higher-libidos, and sexual stamina? We lubricate high-performance race cars so they can go the distance, why not use the best possible lubrication to ensure that you and your partner can go as long as you like when it comes to sex? We read magazines, books and articles to improve our mental control and focus in the workplace and the gym, why not do the same for the bedroom?

    The Private Gym Sexual Performance Program gives you all the tools you need to take your sexual performance to the next level by targeting four key factors: (1) strong pelvic muscles; (2) high testosterone and nitric oxide levels; (3) proper mental focus and control; and (4) exceptional lubrication.

    Strong Pelvic Muscles

    Your penis is controlled by a series of small muscles, known as the pelvic muscles. Unfortunately for men, they are weak to begin with and get weaker with age, resulting in soft erections and reduced sexual performance. When strengthened properly, they create stronger, harder, and longer lasting erections. Even better, when dramatically strengthened, the pelvic muscles can give you superior control, incredibly rigid erections, and significantly improve time-to-ejaculation. The Private Gym Complete Training Program with additional magnetic weights is the world's most effective pelvic muscle exercise program. Our expertly designed system incorporates resistance training with our patented resistance ring in an easy to follow, step-by-step work-out program that will dramatically improve your sexual performance.

    The proof is in the results. A four-month clinical trial verified the effectiveness of the Private Gym Complete Training Program. Study participants showed a wide variety of positive outcomes, including improved erectile strength and rigidity, orgasm intensity, ejaculatory force and control, as well as greater confidence in sexual performance. To learn more, please see our clinical trial results.

    High Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Levels

    The penis requires forceful blood flow and high testosterone and nitric oxide levels to create ultra-rigid erections that can power through some of the most intense, arousing, and pleasurable sexual experiences. The Private Gym's expert medical team studied dozens of supplements to find the safest and most effective ones that increase testosterone and nitric oxide levels, improve blood flow to the penis, optimize erectile function, help ensure peak stamina and erections, modulate libido-busting stress hormones. As a result of this research, we recommend SupporT and XYVGRR.

    High Performance Lubrication

    The world’s highest-performing race cars require the best lubricants to go the distance. The same is true when it comes to performance in the bedroom. Exceptional lubrication not only heightens sensitivity and reduces unpleasurable friction, but it also maximizes performance. Whether you plan to go all night long, make quick passionate love, or just want to have fun by yourself, high-quality lubrication will help make the most out of your experience. Uberlube Ultra-Premium Silicone-Based Lubrication is designed and recommended by some of the most renowned sexual and medical professionals in the world. We are pleased to include it as part of our Sexual Performance Program. It also complements the Private Gym Complete Training Program by helping you stimulate yourself to give you the ability to maintain a stronger erection while exercising your pelvic muscles.

    Improved Mental Focus and Control

    Performance on the field and in the gym is not just about strong muscles and a healthy body. It’s a mental game. Learning how to prepare yourself for the bedroom, overcoming anxiety and getting the most out of our training programs are just a few of the areas that the Private Gym customer service and coaching staff can help with. For this reason, the Male Sexual Performance Program includes the award winning book, "Male Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual Health," by renowned urologist and author, Dr. Andrew Siegel." Keeping your mind, body, and spirit in shape is critical for excelling in the bedroom!

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Customer Reviews

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Raymond R.
Do it everyday! You won't hurt yourself.

Men's sexual health and optimal pelvic functioning needs our care and attention - especially after 50. Do it )))

Raymond, thank you. Tell your friends! We are always here to help!

Jean M.
Absolutely Essential!

The private gym is a must have period. If training at the gym is part of your regimen then training your pelvic floor muscles is a requirement. This is a sound step-by-step program that brings lasting results and improves your overall performance and confidence. The program works and I suggest you get the additional private gym supplements as well to go with this and make this a part of your lifestyle.

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