Best Sex Positions for Guys with Small Penises

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Best Sex Positions for Guys with Small Penises

Over the years we have had this misconception that small penises cannot satisfy women. Irrespective of what porn videos proclaim, the average size of an erect human penis is between 4.7 and 6.3 inches long.

So a five-inch penis is average guys, and even that 2.8-inch penis is 4.7 inches when erect so it is rare to have a smaller penis. And putting aside the length debate, women are not interested in length that much, rather they are mostly satisfied with what they get.


Not when you learn about the best sex positions to give a woman ultimate pleasure, even if you have a small penis. However, there are best sex positions for guys with small penises or those who are worried that theirs are small. But, if you happen to have a bulge that is worth a pornstar Oscar award, the following positions are still applicable and will give your girl maximum and guaranteed pleasure.

Our Recommended Sex Positions for Men With a Small Penis


This style is done with the woman lying down on the bed or table then you approach her while standing. Make sure your crotch is positioned slightly higher than that of the woman even if it means adjusting with a piece of furniture. Crouch down and penetrate her. Have her slowly lift up her legs one at a time then rest her ankles on your shoulders. Her hips should move up some inches into the air then support her by cupping her hips or butt. To make this even tighter, grab her ankles in your hands and if possible, use pillows under her hips for a better angle for both your bodies. This position is excellent because it creates a very deep stimulation for both of you. This position is very adventurous and acrobatic giving maximum enjoyment to you and your partner.


This style is a wonderful variation of the butterfly. Have the woman lie down on the table or bed with her pelvis positioned at the same height as yours. Penetrate her allowing her to raise her legs in the air. Her legs are then crossed at the ankles then both feet are rested on your chest. Get some leverage by holding onto her shins. The act of crossing her legs makes her incredibly tight especially if your penis has a small girth. With both your pelvis at the same height, the depth is maximized resulting in record-shattering sex even for the guy with a small penis.


In order to achieve that extra depth in penetration with a smaller penis, this position comes in handy. Lie on your back and the lady on top of you with her back towards you straddling you with her legs like in the reverse cowgirl. The lady leans forward all the way and lies on top on your legs with her legs forming letter X around your torso. It is more like the 69 but your penis is in her vagina instead of her mouth.


This is a ubiquitous position to most, but here it is anyway. Get down on your knees and enter her from behind with her too on her hands and knees. This is different from the traditional doggy style in that here the lady has her legs tightly shut so the man spreads his legs further in order to rest them outside her thighs. The resulting fit is so tight your woman will never forget the enjoyment. This version of the doggy style is great irrespective of the penis size because both your bodies are angled to allow you to hit her G-spot. Since it is so near the vaginal entrance, shallow penetrations will do the trick.


A version of the missionary position, the nirvana is euphoric, to say the least. The lady lies on her back with you on top spreading your legs outside her legs and making her tighter than ever imagined. This position allows for greater clitoral stimulation and hair-raising sex.


Similar to the nirvana, this position has you lying on your back and the lady on top and your legs are tightly closed around hers. Then the woman slides up and down your body till both of you can’t take it anymore. This style is wonderful for clitoral stimulation.


In this position, the lady lies on her back with you kneeling in front of her straddling one of her outstretched legs. Lift the other leg up in the air and rest it on your shoulder or chest. This position allows you to get in nice and deep and since you are on your knees it gives you more control to make the most out of every thrust.


In this position both of you get onto your knees with you positioned behind her. If you don’t have a carpet you can use some pillows for comfort. Have her drape her body over the edge of the sofa so she is bent at the hips. With your torso upright or slightly bent over her, you can have great fun. Try this in other areas around the house like on the staircase or against the bed. This is the best sex position for guys with small penises especially because the rear entry maximizes penetration and your bodies are pressed up against each other leaving you with the chance to reach down and stroke her clitoris for that explosive climax.


This style requires you to lie on your back, the lady sits on top facing away totally in control. This allows her to grind on you getting so deep she can feel you inside her abdomen. It also gives her maximum clitoral stimulation so she can feel like a rock star.


This great style is a variation of the well-known doggy style. The lady kneels and holds the ground she is kneeling on and you close behind her. As you enter, she leans over and lowers her body and forearms for that deep penetration even for the man with a small penis.

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